How to Collapse a Bob Double Stroller

Sometimes, you find yourself in a tight spot when it comes to squeezing into small spaces and needing the help of a collapsible stroller! Knowing how to collapse it quickly and without any hiccups can save precious time for those who have purchased the Bob double stroller.

Here, we’ll explore how to collapse a bob double stroller step-by-step while also exploring tips and tricks for successfully folding it up again. Read on to make sure that you’re comfortable with the process so that no matter where you are or what surprises come your way, you won’t be stuck dragging around an unruly beast of a transportation tool.

How to Collapse a Bob Double Stroller

Can You Collapse a Bob Double Stroller?

Collapsing a bob double stroller is definitely possible – and the best part is you don’t need much effort to do it! The collapsible design of the stroller allows for quick and convenient folding and unfolding. In addition, you can easily collapse your stroller into a more compact form with a few simple steps.

Some models even feature an automatic lock that keeps it securely closed when you’re done folding it. And regardless of which particular model you own, most have instructions on operating the folding mechanism.

In any case, collapsing a bob double stroller isn’t as big a task as many would think – just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular model!

Why Should You Collapse a Bob Double Stroller?

A Bob double stroller is invaluable for any parent with small children. Thanks to its design, an individual can easily push two children–whether they’re twins or siblings of different ages–with relative ease. And while a Bob double stroller offers plenty of advantages, one of its foremost benefits is that you have the ability to collapse it in just a few seconds.

Whether you need to put it in your car’s trunk, store it away for future use or simply take up less space at home, collapsing your Bob double stroller allows you to do all those things without any hassle. So if you want the utmost versatility from your Bob double stroller, consider collapsing it seriously!


Easily Push Two Children

7 Steps to Follow on How to Collapse a Bob Double Stroller

1. Read the Manual.

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to read the manual that comes with your stroller before attempting to collapse it. The manual will have specific instructions on how to collapse your stroller, and it’s important to follow these instructions carefully to avoid damaging the stroller or injuring yourself.

2. Remove Any Accessories.

Before collapsing the stroller, be sure to remove any accessories that may be attached, such as a sun canopy or cup holder. When trying to collapse the stroller, these accessories can often get in the way, so it’s best to remove them beforehand.

3. Push the Buttons.

Most double strollers have buttons that need to be pushed to release the locking mechanism and allow the stroller to be collapsed. Be sure to locate these buttons and push them before proceeding to the next step.

Most Double Strollers Have Buttons

4. Pull up On the Handlebar.

Once you’ve released the locking mechanism, you should be able to pull up on the handlebar to begin collapsing the stroller. Continue pulling up until the stroller is fully collapsed.

5. Hold onto The Stroller.

Once the stroller is collapsed, it’s important to hold onto it, so it doesn’t burst open again. Many double strollers tend to pop open when not being held, so keep a firm grip on it until you’re ready to store it away.

6. Put Away Any Loose Parts.

Once you’ve collapsed the stroller and are ready to store it away, be sure to put away any loose parts, such as the sun canopy or cup holder. These parts can often get lost if they’re not stored properly, so it’s best to put them away in a safe place where they won’t get misplaced.

7. Store in A Safe Place.

When you’re finished collapsing and storing your double stroller, be sure to put it in a safe place where it won’t get damaged or become a tripping hazard. A storage closet or garage is usually a good option for storing a double stroller.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to collapse a Bob double stroller. With these seven easy steps, you’ll be able to safely and securely collapse your stroller in no time.

Things You Need to Know Before Collapsing a Bob Double Stroller

Before collapsing a Bob double stroller, you should familiarize yourself with the correct steps to do so. Start by releasing the locking handle, which can be found under the right seat. A click sound should indicate that it’s been released. Then make sure both seat backs are upright while simultaneously pushing down on each side of the handlebar.

A Click Sound Should Indicate

The frame of the stroller will now be able to fold into itself, and you may need to push down on the folding stroller locks to collapse fully. Use care when folding, as metal bars could pinch your fingers or get caught in the pouches’ fabric if too much pressure is applied in one place.

With these tips in mind, collapsing your Bob double stroller will become second nature and make transitioning from busy days outside an easy breeze.

5 Benefits of Collapsing a Bob Double Stroller

1. Easy to Transport

One of the primary benefits of collapsing a Bob double stroller is that it is easy to transport. When the stroller is collapsed, it is small enough to fit into the trunk of a car or even be carried on public transportation. This makes it a great option for parents who want to be able to take their stroller with them when they travel.

2. Lightweight and Compact

Another benefit of collapsing a Bob double stroller is that it is lightweight and compact. This makes it easy to maneuver, even when carrying two children. Additionally, the compact size makes it easy to store, even in small homes or apartments.

3. Easy to Set Up and Take Down

Another advantage of collapsing a Bob double stroller is that it is easy to set up and take down. This is especially beneficial for parents with young children, as they can simply collapse the stroller when they need to use it and then fold it back up when they are finished.

4. Affordable

Another benefit of collapsing a Bob double stroller is that it is affordable. This makes it a great option for parents who are on a budget but still want a high-quality stroller that will last for years.

5. Safe and Durable

Finally, collapsing a Bob double stroller is safe and durable. This means that parents can feel confident knowing that their children are safe while riding in the stroller. Additionally, the durability of the stroller ensures that it will last for many years, even with heavy use.

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Some Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Collapsing a Bob Double Stroller

Collapsing a Bob double stroller can be tricky and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. People often make common mistakes when collapsing the stroller, such as not realizing that both seats need to be folded down before attempting to fold the frame.

In addition, many people miss essential steps in the process, like making sure all straps are re-positioned around the handlebar during and after the folding process. Furthermore, overfilling storage pockets could also cause issues while folding the stroller down due to additional weight in certain areas of the frame.

With this in mind, understanding the full folding process and being mindful of what needs to be done is key for properly collapsing a Bob double stroller.

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Collapsing Your Bob Double Stroller: The Dos and Don’ts

Having a store-bought stroller is a brilliant convenience for parents, but it can be difficult to figure out how to collapse it properly. So if you recently got a Bob double stroller, it is important to remember the dos and don’ts of collapsing it so that everything stays safe and sound.

Always start by completely supporting the weight of the stroller with your arms; then, find the handle that controls the release switch. Make sure you give a slight squeeze before pushing the switch down, so it collapses safely and helps avoid sudden jerking or snapping motions.

Do not place too much pressure on any of its parts while in an upright position before attempting to collapse it- make sure that you are always aware of how much force is going into its structure. With these tips in mind, you will be sure to keep your Bob double stroller functioning properly for years!

Do Not Place Too Much Pressure


Collapsing a Bob double stroller is a simple and straightforward process. You can collapse your stroller with just two basic steps to make it more compact and easier to transport. Remember to always use the foot brake before attempting to fold the stroller, and be aware of how much space you have available when collapsing it.

By following these steps, you can easily collapse your double Bob stroller and be on your way. Thanks for reading our post about how to collapse a bob double stroller.

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