How to Dim Light on Owlet Base

Dimming the light on your Owlet Base can be beneficial for many reasons. It is an excellent way to create a calming atmosphere in your nursery or bedroom and helps reduce glare that could affect your baby’s sleep quality. Dimming the light also allows you to adjust the brightness levels of the monitor to suit different times of day, whether it’s nap time or morning wake up; you can adjust the light according to your needs.

How to Dim Light on Owlet Base

The Owlet Base has a dimmable light feature, which allows parents to adjust the brightness of the nightlight. This can help create the perfect atmosphere in your nursery and prevent overly bright lights from disrupting sleep. In this blog post, You will learn how to dim light on owlet base.

Step by Step Processes for How to Dim Light on Owlet Base

Step 1: Inspect the Side

Start by inspecting the side of your Owlet Base. To dim the light, you need to find the “+” and “-” buttons on the right-hand side. Hold down the “+” button for a few seconds until it is pressed all the way. This will cause the ambient light from your Owlet Base to increase incrementally.

Step 2: Press “-“

Then press the “-” button for a few seconds until it is pressed all the way. This will cause the ambient light from your Owlet Base to decrease incrementally. Continue pressing the “+” and “-” buttons until you reach your desired lighting level.

Step 3: Test the Brightness and Adjust as Necessary

Once you have adjusted the light to your desired level, test it in the room where your Owlet Base is. If it’s too bright or too dim, press the “+” and “-” buttons until you reach a suitable brightness level. If you want to automate the brightness level of your Owlet Base, set a timer. This will cause the light from your Owlet Base to dim or brighten at certain times throughout the day.

Adjusted the Light 
To Your Desired Level

Step 4: Make Sure the Sensor is Connected and Working

It’s important to ensure your sensor is properly connected and functioning. If the sensor is not working, then the light level from your Owlet base may not be accurate or consistent. Also, make sure that your batteries are good and that they are charged. A low battery can cause the light to dim or become unstable.

Step 5: Consider Using Night Light Feature

If you want a low light level in your Owlet base at night, consider using the “night light” feature. This will cause the light from your Owlet Base to dim automatically when it gets dark outside. Finally, go into the settings of your Owlet Base and check that everything is set correctly and up to date. This will help ensure your Owlet Base runs smoothly and efficiently.

Following these steps should help you easily dim the light from your Owlet Base.

Check That Everything 
Is Set Correctly

Tips for How to Dim Light on Owlet Base

  1. Always ensure the light is dimmed to a comfortable level for you and your baby. Too bright of a light can be unsettling, making it difficult for your baby to fall asleep.
  2. Do not leave the base unattended while connected to an electrical outlet or plugged into any other power source. This could lead to potential hazards such as shock or fire.
  3. Ensure the base is completely disconnected from any power sources before dimming the light.
  4. Before dimming, check that all other electrical devices in the room are off or disconnected so that no additional power is being drawn.
  5. Ensure that you stay within the maximum wattage for the Owlet base. This information can be found in the product’s user manual.
  6. When dimming, start with the light at its brightest setting and gradually reduce it until you find the desired brightness level.
  7. After successfully dimming the light, disable any additional power sources to ensure your baby’s and yourself’s safety.

Hopefully, these tips help you safely dim your Owlet base and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your baby.

Are Any Safety or Health Risks Associated With Dimming the Light on Owlet Base? 

When dimming the light on Owlet Base, no known safety or health risks are associated with this action. The only potential risk is ensuring the device is securely positioned and secured to prevent accidental tipping or movement. Check the device’s position frequently during use to ensure it remains secure. Additionally, avoid sudden or abrupt movements when dimming, which may cause the device to move or shift unexpectedly.

Overall, dimming the light on Owlet Base is perfectly safe and can be done without any danger to users or their families. It is important to ensure that safety precautions are taken before attempting to adjust the brightness of the device. Additionally, if there are any doubts about how to dim the light properly, contact a professional or read the device’s instructions before proceeding.

Check the Device's 
Position Frequently

What is the Best Way to Maintain the Dimmed Light on Owlet Base? 

The best way to maintain the dimmed light on Owlet Base is to use your finger or a damp cloth. Gently slide your finger over the upper portion of the base, and it will adjust its brightness accordingly. Or, you can lightly dampen a cloth with water and gently rub it outwards from the center in a circular motion starting at the top of the base. This will also adjust the brightness of the light according to your liking.

It is important to note that wiping with a dry cloth or using detergent/abrasive cleaning agents may damage the base and cause long-term problems. Additionally, do not attempt to dim the light beyond its minimum setting, as this could damage or even break the device.

What Are the Benefits of Dimming the Light on Owlet Base? 

Dimming the light on an Owlet Base is a simple, effective way to help your baby settle down and get ready for sleep. The dimmer setting helps create enough brightness to check in on your baby without waking them up. It also eliminates any potential disruption from a bright nightlight.

Dimming the light will help your baby’s room stay dark, which is important for establishing a healthy sleep routine. Additionally, if you’re using an Owlet Baby Monitor, dimming the light will ensure it’s not too bright or distracting for your baby during sleep.

Keeping the light dimmed will ensure your baby has a comfortable and restful sleep. Following the steps above, you can easily adjust the light on Owlet Base for a comfortable atmosphere to help your little one settle into a peaceful night’s sleep. Dimming the light is an easy way to create a perfect sleeping environment for your baby so they can get all the rest they need.

Are Any Risks Associated With Using an Unpowered or Low-voltage Switch to Dim the Light on Owlet Base? 

Using a low-voltage switch to dim the light on Owlet Base can have some associated risks. It is important to ensure that the switch used is rated for the voltage of the base and compatible with any applicable safety standards. If not, electric shock or other hazardous events could occur due to an incompatibility between your switch and the base. Additionally, improper installation or use of a low-voltage switch could create a short circuit that may cause damage to your Owlet Base.

To ensure the safety of any electric device, it is important to use only certified switches when dimming the light on Owlet Base. Consult an expert if you need clarification on which switch to use. Additionally, follow all safety instructions provided with your Owlet Base and the low-voltage switch when installing or using them together. Taking these precautions can help prevent any accidents or damage to your device.

How Long Does It Take for the Dimmed Light to Effect on Owlet Base? 

Once the dimmed light setting has been selected, it can take 5 to 30 seconds for the Owlet Base to adjust its brightness level fully. This time will vary based on your base’s current lighting setting and settings you have previously adjusted.

Adjusting Settings 
on Owlet Base

You may see fluctuating brightness levels during this time as the base finds a steady balance between the desired light output. If the light takes 30 seconds to dim, try unplugging and replugging the base into a power source to restart it.

When adjusting settings on Owlet Base, remember that it is always recommended to make adjustments slowly to avoid shocking your eyes or disrupting any natural sleep cycles. Additionally, you may keep the dimmed light setting for a few days before adjusting it again to ensure that your eyes have enough time to adjust. Finally, remember that the dimmed light will only work when the Owlet Base is on and connected to power. If you turn off the base, all settings will be lost and must be adjusted upon powering back up.


In conclusion, dimming the light on an Owlet base is easy and takes only a few steps. Start by connecting your phone to the Owlet Base, then open the Owlet App and select “Settings.” You can adjust the light from 0% to 100%. This same process can also be used to increase the brightness of the light.

Once you are finished, click “Save,” and the new setting will take effect immediately. All in all, dimming the light on an Owlet base is simple. Spending just a few minutes adjusting the settings can make a difference in your baby’s sleeping environment. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to dim light on owlet base. Make Sure the preventive measures are followed chronologically. 

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