How to Get Baby to Stop Standing in Crib

As parents, it can be frustrating when you put your baby down in their crib for the night, only to find them standing up a few hours later. However, there is hope! Having your little one stand or climb out of the crib is a normal developmental stage that most babies go through – and the good news is, there are ways to get them to stop. Read on to learn tried-and-true tips that will help you solve this issue quickly and easily.

Are you finding it difficult to get your baby to stop standing in their crib? Many parents share similar stories of walking into the nursery only to find their cute toddler standing up, looking for a way out. It can be terribly

worrisome for any parent and may lead to instability if left unaddressed. But don’t worry – we’ve got some helpful tips and techniques that you can use to resolve this issue quickly and effectively! Keep reading to learn more about how to get baby to stop standing in crib.

What Can Problems Be Caused if Baby Do Not Stop Standing in Crib?

There can be many problems if babies do not stop standing in their cribs. Such as:

1. Potential Injuries

One of the main reasons that parents should try to get their baby to stop standing in the crib is because of potential injuries. Babies can fall and injure themselves if they are able to stand up in their cribs. This can lead to cuts, bruises, scrapes, or other serious injuries.

Stand Up in Their Cribs

2. Accidental Falls

Another reason why it is important to get your baby to stop standing up in the crib is that they can easily accidentally fall out. This can lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones, concussions, or other serious injuries that could have long-term impacts on your baby’s health and development.

3. Disruption of Sleep

If your baby is constantly getting out of their crib and standing up, it can also lead to disruptions in their sleep. This can make it difficult for them to get the restful sleep that they need, which can impact their overall health and development.

10 Ideas On How to Get Baby to Stop Standing in Crib

1. Invest in a Secure Railing Guard

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent your baby from standing up in their crib is to install a secure railing guard on the sides of the crib. This will help keep them safely contained, without letting them stand up or climb out.

2. Keep Baby’s Toys Out of the Crib

Babies often stand up in their cribs in order to reach their toys, which are typically located on the crib’s rails or hanging above them. To help prevent this behavior, consider removing all toys from the crib when your baby is sleeping.

Your Baby is Sleeping

3. Provide Plenty of Distractions

Another great way to discourage your baby from standing up in their crib is to provide plenty of distractions. Try reading to your baby, playing interactive games, or offering them some other form of entertainment.

4. Establish a Bedtime Routine

One of the best ways to help your baby learn how to stay in their crib is by establishing a regular bedtime routine. This can include things like reading, singing, or even playing soothing music. It will help close this, or at the very least, get the baby to stop standing in the crib.

5. Put Your Baby to Bed at a Consistent Time

To encourage good sleep habits, it’s important to put your baby to bed at the same time each night. This will help them develop an internal sense of when it’s time to go to sleep, which can make them less likely to stand up in their crib.

6. Use a Mattress That is the Correct Size for Your Crib

One common cause of babies standing up in their cribs is trying to get out between the bars of the crib, which can sometimes be as little as an inch wide. Choosing a mattress that fits properly and snugly within your baby’s crib will help prevent this.

7. Implement a Strict Napping Routine

Just like bedtime, it’s important to establish a strict napping routine for your baby as well. This will help them learn good sleep habits and get in the habit of staying put when they’re sleeping. But make sure to avoid creating a nest of blankets and pillows that encourage standing up in the crib.

8. Use an Extra Layer to Prevent Conductive Heat Loss

If you notice that your baby tends to stand up in their crib while they’re asleep, it may be because they are experiencing conductive heat loss during the night. To keep them warm, consider adding an extra layer to their sleeping environment or swaddling them in a blanket.

9. Check for Possible Medical Conditions

In some cases, babies may stand up in their cribs because they are experiencing underlying medical conditions that make it difficult for them to stay put and fall asleep. If you notice this behavior frequently, it’s important to talk to your baby’s doctor about possible conditions that could be causing it.

10. Consider Transitioning Your Baby to a Bigger Bed

If you continue to notice your baby standing up in their crib, or trying to get out of their crib, even after implementing these strategies, you may want to consider transitioning them into a bigger bed. This is often a very effective way to get them to stop trying to stand up in their crib, and will help ensure that they stay safe at night.

Challenging to Get Your Baby

Whether you’re dealing with an active or fussy baby, it can be challenging to get your baby to stop standing in their crib. By implementing some of the strategies listed above, however, you can help them stay safely contained and get the rest that they need.

Some Additional Tips And Tricks to Get Baby to Stop Standing in Crib

1. Do Not Use Physical Force

While it may be tempting to try to physically restrain babies from standing up in their crib, this is not recommended. Not only can forcefully restraining your child cause them harm or lead to other behavior issues down the road, but it can also increase the chance that they will learn how to stand in their crib again in the future.

2. Create a Safe Sleeping Environment

One of the most effective ways to get your baby to stop standing in their crib is by making their sleep environment as safe and secure as possible. This may mean using physical barriers, like crib tents or bumpers, or it may involve simply taking steps to keep the crib surface clear of toys and other items that could potentially lead to falls.

The Crib Surface Clear

3. Avoid Overstimulation

In addition to creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby, it is also important to avoid overstimulating them before bedtime. This means avoiding activities or toys that may cause excitement or agitation prior to putting your child down to sleep, as these can increase the chance that they will try to get out of their crib.

4. Do Not Reward Standing Behavior

It is also important to be mindful of your reactions when it comes to babies standing in their cribs. If you give in to your child’s demands and allow them to stand up or leave their crib, even briefly, they may learn that this type of behavior leads to positive results and increased attention. Instead, try offering alternative forms of entertainment or distraction when your child begins to get restless in their crib, while still ensuring that they are comfortable and safe.

5. Talk to Your Pediatrician

If you are concerned about your baby’s behavior in their crib, it is always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician for advice and additional guidance on how to best address the issue. They can help you determine if there are any underlying medical issues that may be contributing to your child’s behavior, or offer tips and strategies for addressing behavior changes as they arise.

Overall, there are several different tips and tricks that you can use to help get your baby to stop standing in their crib. By creating a safe sleeping environment, avoiding overstimulation, and talking to your pediatrician if needed, you can help ensure that your child is comfortable and safe while they sleep.


If your baby is standing in their crib and you’re looking for ways to get them to stop, you can try these ways about how to get baby to stop standing in crib above. You can also try letting your baby stand for short periods of time so they can burn off energy before bedtime. With a little patience and some trial and error, you’ll find the method that works best for you and your baby.

Even if your baby has been standing in their crib for a while, there are still things you can do to help them learn to sit or lie down. With patience and consistency, most babies will eventually stop standing in their crib and develop the skills they need to sleep lying down. If you’re having trouble getting your baby to stay seated or lying down, talk to your child’s pediatrician for additional tips and advice.

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