How to Keep Baby Awake After Feeding

Feeding your baby is part of the wonderful journey you’ll take through parenting—but keeping the baby awake after feeding can be challenging. After all, babies often fall asleep soon after their milk or formula has been given!

How to Keep Baby Awake After Feeding

While there are countless tricks and tips that parents have tried over the years, not all of them actually work in keeping baby alert and preventing post-feeding sleepiness. Whether you’re a first-time parent looking for advice or an experienced one who’s simply hoping to find new ideas to try out, this blog post has got you covered!

We’ll discuss some key strategies parents can use to keep their little ones from getting drowsy after being fed so they won’t miss out on essential development opportunities like sensory exploration and physical growth. Ready? Let’s dive right into how to keep baby awake after feeding!

What Will You Need?

Before you try any of the strategies we’ll discuss, it is important to ensure your baby has everything they need to stay alert and comfortable. This could include a clean diaper, warm clothing, or items like rattles or musical toys to occupy them.

Also, ensure your baby isn’t overly hot or cold, which can lead to drowsiness. If your baby is too warm, try removing some of their clothing or adjusting the room temperature accordingly; if they’re too cold, make sure to dress them in warmer clothes!

Now that you have all the necessary items for keeping your baby alert after feeding let’s look at some of the strategies you can use.

10 Easy Steps on How to Keep Baby Awake After Feeding

1. Stimulate Their Senses:

Babies are naturally curious and love to explore with all five of their senses—so why not conduct a mini sensory exploration session with your little one after they’ve been fed?

Offer Baby Various Items to Stimulate Their Emotion

Offer them various items to stimulate their sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. This can help to keep the baby alert and engaged!

2. Talk To Them:

Babies are naturally drawn to the sound of a parent’s voice—so why not have a chat with your little one after feeding? Use simple words and phrases to discuss things like colors or shapes you see around the room. Talking will also give your baby an opportunity to practice his or her language skills.

3. Change Their Position:

Sometimes all it takes to keep the baby awake is a change in position! After feeding, try gently moving your little one around the room to help them stay alert. You can also use this time to practice tummy time or put your baby in a bouncy chair for some active playtime.

4. Give Them A Massage:

Babies love being touched, and giving them a gentle massage is a great way to keep them awake after feeding. Use light strokes as you rub their arms, legs, back, and feet with lotion or oil—this helps relax any tightness in the muscles which could cause drowsiness!

5. Take A Walk:

Taking your baby out for a walk in their stroller or carrier can be an excellent way to prevent post-feeding sleepiness—it’s also great for you and your baby’s mental health! Pack a few snacks, toys, or books to keep the baby entertained; just make sure to stick to quiet paths and avoid excessive noise.

Taking Your Baby Out for a Walk to Prevent Sleepiness

6. Offer A Teething Toy:

Babies often get sleepy after feeding because they’re teething—try giving them a safe teething toy that they can chew on while they stay awake. This will help take the focus away from sleepiness and onto learning how to use their mouth muscles correctly. Be careful not to offer anything too hard or cold, however.

7. Take Advantage Of Daytime Feeding:

Daytime feedings are the best time for keeping your baby alert—the natural light helps wake up their senses which can also help prevent post-feeding sleepiness. Try to keep the room bright and inviting, and offer your baby lots of mental stimulation during this time! Don’t forget to make sure your baby is comfortable too.

8. Utilize White Noise:

White noise can be an effective tool for keeping a baby alert after feeding—it helps create a calming environment that almost mimics the womb. You can play background music or use a white noise machine to help keep the the baby’s mind from falling asleep. Ensure that the volume is not too loud, however.

9. Take Breaks During Feedings:

Sometimes all you need is a few breaks in between feedings to prevent drowsiness—try talking with your little one or playing with them during these times to help keep them awake. These short pauses also give you time to adjust your position or change the environment if needed.

10. Play Games:

Playing simple games like peek-a-boo or patty cake is a great way to keep the baby awake after feeding—it’s also loads of fun for both you and your little one!

Playing Simple Games to Keep the Baby Awake

These activities help stimulate your baby’s mind and can even help them learn how to interact with others. Remember to keep it simple and not overstimulate your baby—this can easily lead to sleepiness.

There you have ten easy strategies for keeping your baby alert after feeding! Try incorporating one or more of these tips into your routine and see which ones work best with your little one.

Keeping babies awake after feedings helps prevent post-feeding sleepiness and gives them a chance to explore the world around them and engage with the people who love them most!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Change the environment. Once your baby is done eating, remove them from their feeding chair or bed and move to another part of the house. This change of scenery can help keep them awake and alert.

2. Try engaging in light physical activities, such as gently moving their arms and legs. This can stimulate the mind and keep your baby awake for a little longer.

3. Make some noise! Babies find soft music or singing soothing, so try playing some of their favorite tunes to help keep them alert after feeding time.

4. Play a game with them! Peek-a-boo is simple but effective—it gets your baby laughing and keeps their interest up after a feed.

5. Give your baby something to hold onto, like a toy or rattle they can grasp with their tiny hands while they sleep off the fullness from eating too much food. This can also help keep them awake for longer stretches of time.

Ensure Your Baby Have Pleasant and Restful Time

With a little effort, you can ensure that you and your little one have a pleasant and restful time.

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Don’t over-stimulate your baby. Too much noise can actually tire them out and make them sleepier, so keep the stimulation minimal and soothing.

2. Avoid rocking your baby too much, as this can also make them drowsy and lead to a longer nap than necessary.

3. Don’t take your baby outside if it’s cold or windy—this could be hazardous to their health and might put them back to sleep again.

4. Avoid putting your baby in a car seat after feeding time, as this can also induce sleepiness due to the vehicle’s motion.

5. Try not to let your baby get too full from eating—this can cause them to become sleepy and take a longer nap than necessary.

By avoiding these five things, you can help keep your baby awake after feeding time and ensure they get the restful sleep they need.

Why is My Baby So Sleepy After Feeding?

It’s important to remember that babies are incredibly sensitive and can become easily overwhelmed. They need time to digest their food, so it can be normal for them to feel sleepy after eating.

Additionally, breastfeeding can often lead to the release of hormones such as oxytocin, which helps relax your baby and make them feel drowsy. If you’re worried about your baby being too sleepy after feeding, ensure they get enough calories throughout the day and speak with your pediatrician if necessary.

By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your baby stays alert after feeding and gets the restful sleep needed for healthy growth and development.


In conclusion, How to keep baby awake after feeding is critical as it can help prevent them from choking and makes sure they are getting the much-needed nutrition.

You can keep your baby awake after meals in many ways, such as singing to them, playing music, tickling their sides, gently bouncing, or simply talking with them.

Additionally, tricks like swaddling or dimming the lights may encourage your baby to stay awake for that extra bit of time. Most importantly, however, don’t push yourself too hard and practice self-care when looking after your little one – if you need a break, take one!

Whatever technique you choose, remember to be creative and engaging – why not craft an item with your little munchkin during feeds?

As long as you’re keeping that little one focused on something other than sleep and making each experience enjoyable, there will be no problem keeping them awake.

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