How to Keep Infant Optics Screen on

Are you having trouble keeping your infant optics screen on? You’re not alone! It can be tricky to keep the infant optics screen from shutting off. Thankfully, you can follow a few tips to help you keep it on for longer.

Keeping your Infant Optics screen on is essential in order to monitor your baby’s sleep and development. It can be difficult, however, as the screen turns off after a certain period. 

How to Keep Infant Optics Screen on

In this article, we will discuss how to keep infant optics screen on so that parents can better track their baby’s progress. We will cover tips such as adjusting menu settings, using power-saving modes and ensuring that all cords are securely connected. With these easy techniques, you’ll be able to ensure that your Infant Optics monitor remains on for hours at a time without any interruption or inconvenience.

What are the Uses of Infant Optics?

Infant Optics is a baby monitor that provides parents with critical information about the development and sleep patterns of their little ones. The device features an HD video display, night vision capabilities, audio monitoring, and temperature tracking. This system lets parents get up-to-date information on how their baby is doing, even when they aren’t in the room.

Overall, this monitor helps parents stay better connected to their infant when they can’t always be physically present.

What Will You Need?

Before you can try and keep your Infant Optics monitor on for longer periods, there are a few items you’ll need to ensure you have on hand. This includes:

• The power adapter

• A set of batteries

• An extra cord or two

• Your device manual

• Your device settings menu

Once you have all of these items ready, you’ll be well on your way to keeping the Infant Optics screen on for longer.

10 Easy Steps on How to Keep Infant Optics Screen on

1. Adjust Settings in Menu:

Adjusting the Settings in the Menu

One of the easiest methods to keep your infant optics screen on is by adjusting the settings in the menu. You can change the time-out period on your monitor so that it will remain on for longer. Be careful not to set it too long, however, or you may drain your battery or run up your power bill.

2. Use Low Power Mode:

Many devices are designed to switch into power-saving mode when the battery gets low automatically, and infant optics is no exception. Ensure you have enabled this feature so your device will stay on even when the batteries start to run out. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult your device manual.

3. Check Cords:

Make sure all of the cords are securely connected and plugged in properly. This can help ensure a continuous flow of power, which helps keep your monitor on for longer periods.  Don’t forget to check the power cord as well!

4. Read the Manual Carefully:

Before attempting any of these tips, make sure you read your device manual thoroughly, so you understand all the settings and features. This can help you make sure that you are using the device correctly, and that everything is set up properly for optimal performance. Keep the manual in an easy-to-reach spot so you can refer to it as needed.

5. Change Sensor Settings:

If your infant optics monitor has a motion sensor, try adjusting its sensitivity of it so that it doesn’t turn off too quickly when there isn’t much movement in the room. You can also adjust the settings of other sensors, such as temperature and light, to keep your monitor on for longer. Finding the optimal settings may take some trial and error, so be sure to experiment with different combinations.

6. Keep the Device Away from Heat Sources:

Make sure that your infant optics monitor isn’t close to any heat sources, as this can cause it to shut off prematurely. For example, don’t place it too close to a window or leave it in direct sunlight. Because the device tends to shut off when it gets too hot, try to avoid keeping your monitor in an area of your home that is prone to high temperatures.

 Avoid Keeping Your Monitor in Any Heat Sources

7. Check Battery Level:

Sometimes low battery levels can cause the screen to shut off unexpectedly, so check the battery level regularly and make sure it’s charged. Check the charge level on both the device itself as well as any external batteries you may have connected. If the battery levels are low, then it may be time to recharge or replace them.

8. Use Rechargeable Batteries:

Using rechargeable batteries can help ensure that your monitor stays on for longer periods of time, as they don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional batteries. Ensure that you check the charging level of your rechargeable batteries to keep the device powered for longer.

9. Upgrade Firmware:

If available, upgrade the firmware in your device to the latest version so you can benefit from any new features or bug fixes that have been implemented. Otherwise, checking the manufacturer’s website for any firmware updates regularly may be a good idea.

10. Clean Screen Regularly:

Make sure to clean the screen of your infant optics regularly monitor with a soft cloth and mild cleaner, as dirt and dust can cause it to turn off prematurely. Remember to unplug the device before attempting any cleaning, and never spray the cleaner directly onto the screen. Now you are better prepared to ensure that your monitor stays on for longer periods.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to keeping the Infant Optics screen on for longer. This can help give parents peace of mind that their little one is always safe and secure.

Keeping the Infant Optics Screen on for Longer

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure to use the Auto-Shutoff Feature on your Infant Optics monitor. This will help keep the screen from turning off after a certain period of time.

2. If your Infant Optics monitor has an adjustable brightness setting, you can set it to its highest level for maximum visibility in dimly lit rooms or at night.

3. Keep an eye on the battery life indicator so that you know when it’s time to charge the unit or replace the batteries.

4. Use a reliable power source when charging and powering your device, as low-quality outlets may cause fluctuations in power which could turn off your monitor unexpectedly.

5. Place your Infant Optics monitor away from any direct sunlight, as this could cause the screen to turn off due to overheating. Following these tips will help you keep your Infant Optics monitor’s screen on and give you peace of mind while using it.

These tips should be followed with caution, as safety warnings may be associated with each one. It is important to consult the user manual before attempting any of these techniques, as improper use could lead to damage or injury. With proper care and understanding, keeping your Infant Optics monitor’s screen on can become a simple task and provide assurance that your baby is being monitored at all times.

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid using Night Light mode when the brightness of the room is adequate. This could cause your Infant Optics monitor to turn off unexpectedly.

2. Don’t place your Infant Optics monitor too close to other electronic devices, such as a television or computer, as this could interfere with its operation and lead to unexpected shut-offs.

3. Be sure not to move or shake your device while it is operating, as this can cause the screen to turn off abruptly due to excessive motion.

4. Refrain from pressing any buttons on the monitor for extended periods of time, as this may lead to an unintended shutdown.

5. Do not leave your Infant Optics monitor powered on for prolonged periods of time without checking on it periodically. This could cause the screen to turn off due to low battery or other issues.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you keep your Infant Optics monitor’s screen on for longer periods of time. With proper care and maintenance, your device can provide parents with the best possible experience and peace of mind. Understanding how to keep your device running smoothly and safely is an important part of ensuring your little one’s safety.

 Infant Optics Monitor Will Stay Powered on for Longer


By following the tips and tricks provided in this article on how to keep infant optics screen on, you can ensure that your Infant Optics monitor will stay powered on for longer periods of time.

Make sure to use the Auto-Shutoff Feature, set adjustable brightness levels appropriately, keep an eye on battery life indicators, use a reliable power source when charging or powering up the device, and place it away from direct sunlight.

Additionally, avoid using Night Light mode when unnecessary and refrain from pressing any buttons for extended periods of time. With proper care and understanding of how to keep your infant optics screen on optimally, you can provide yourself with peace of mind that your little one is being monitored at all times.

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