How to Keep Pacifiers in Crib

Are you a parent struggling to keep your baby’s pacifier in their crib? Whether your little one loves to fling their soother across the room or they have an artful knack of chewing through traditional tether straps, staying on top of pacifier security can be quite the challenge.

How to Keep Pacifiers in Crib

If you’ve found yourself frantically searching for dropped soothers more times than you want to admit, fear not!

Whether you’re trying to keep the pacifier in reach of your baby or looking for creative ways to reduce your own stress and anxiety, here are some tips to help you keep the pacifier in your baby’s crib.

In this blog post, we’ll cover several tips and tricks on how parents like you can keep their child’s pacifier securely next to them while they sleep. Read on to learn more about how to keep pacifiers in crib!

What Will You Need?

Before you can keep pacifiers in the crib, gathering the necessary materials and supplies is important. You will need the following:

  1. Pacifier holder
  2. Ribbon or tether straps
  3. Safety pins
  4. Velcro strips
  5. Attached toy rings

Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, it’s time to discuss your options on how to keep pacifiers in the crib.

10 Easy Steps on How to Keep Pacifiers in Crib

Step 1. Using a Pacifier Holder

Attaching one directly to your baby’s

A pacifier holder is perhaps the simplest way to keep pacifiers within reach of your baby’s crib. Attaching one directly to your baby’s bedding will allow your little one to grasp their pacifier during the night easily. If your baby can’t reach for their pacifier themselves yet, you can attach it to the crib rail or use a longer holder to keep it within reach.

Step 2. Using Ribbon or Tether Straps

If you’d rather opt for a more secure option, consider using ribbon or tether straps to tie the pacifier directly onto your baby’s crib rail. This way, the soother will not move beyond the confines of your baby’s crib and can be accessed within arm’s reach.

Don’t forget to choose a ribbon or tether strap that is safe for your baby, such as one made out of cotton.

Step 3. Attaching Through Safety Pins

Safety pins are another useful tool for securing pacifiers in place. Simply attach one end of the strap to the safety pin and wrap it around your baby’s crib rail, ensuring it is tight enough to prevent the pacifier from moving. Try to keep the safety pin out of your baby’s reach as much as possible.

Step 4. Using Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are an easy and affordable way to secure your baby’s pacifier in place. Simply attach two matching velcro pieces together and wrap it around the crib rail, ensuring it is tight enough to prevent any slipping or sliding of the pacifier. If you’re creative, you can even attach a small toy or rattle to the velcro strip for extra fun.

Step 5. Attaching Toy Rings

If you want to keep your child’s pacifier within their reach, consider attaching toy rings directly to your baby’s bedding.

This way, they can easily grab onto their soother without putting too much effort into it! These toy rings are also great for attaching other toys and stuffed animals to the bedding, adding extra fun and stimulation to your baby’s sleeping space.

Step 6. Use a Pillowcase

Inside a Pillowcase Before Attaching

For an added layer of security, try placing the pacifier inside a pillowcase before attaching it to your baby’s crib rail. This way, they won’t be able to reach the pacifier, and it will stay in place all night long! Be careful, though; the pillowcase can be a choking hazard, so check it regularly.

Step 7. Place Inside a Mesh Bag

A mesh bag is another great option for securing your baby’s pacifier close to them while they sleep! Simply attach one end of the bag to the crib rail and place the pacifier inside – this way, your little one won’t be able to tamper with it during their slumber.

Ensure that the bag is not too tight or restricting though, as this could cause discomfort while sleeping.

Step 8. Use a Stuffed Animal

If you want your child to have easy access to their pacifier but don’t want them throwing it around their room, try attaching a stuffed animal directly to their crib rail and tucking the pacifier inside.

This way, your baby can easily locate their soother during the night without much fuss! Also, make sure to use a stuffed animal that can be washed regularly, as pacifiers can easily become dirty and unsanitary.

Step 9. Use a Carabiner

Carabiners are an effective and durable way to keep pacifiers in place while they sleep. Simply attach one end of the carabiner to your baby’s crib rail and hook the other end onto your baby’s pacifier – this will ensure that it doesn’t go too far from them during the night! Watch for carabiners with locking mechanisms to ensure extra safety and security.

Step 10. Keep It Out of Reach

Sometimes, keeping pacifiers out of reach is as important as keeping them close by! If your little one loves playing with their soother or tends to get a little too wild during their slumber, try placing the pacifier on top of the crib rail or on a shelf that’s just slightly out of their reach. This way, your baby will still be able to locate it without being able to throw it around.

We hope these tips have helped help you keep pacifiers in your baby’s crib! If you’re still struggling with this task, don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance. We are always here and willing to help!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. If your baby is a bit older, you may want to invest in a pacifier clip or holder. This will help keep the pacifier within easy reach for your baby and prevent getting lost or dropped on the floor.

Attaching a Ribbon to the Clip

2. If you are worried about your baby’s pacifier falls out of its holder, try attaching a ribbon to the clip and then tie that to something in the crib, such as one of the slats or a blanket loop.

3. Consider buying multiple pacifiers, so you always have a few on hand when one gets lost in the crib. This will help prevent your baby from getting too upset when their pacifier disappears for no apparent reason.

4. Install mesh pockets on either side of the crib for easy storage and retrieval of pacifiers throughout the night. That way, they won’t get kicked around and dropped out of the crib.

5. Place your baby’s pacifier in a safe location near the crib, such as on a shelf or the top of their dresser. This way, it will be easy to grab it quickly if they start crying for it in the middle of the night.

By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure your baby has access to their pacifier at all times while keeping it out of harm’s way!

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid tying pacifiers to your baby’s clothing or other items in the crib, as this can be a strangulation hazard.

2. Don’t leave your baby unattended with a pacifier; they may choke on it.

3. Do not allow your baby to keep their pacifier in their mouth for extended periods of time, as this can lead to tooth decay and other health issues.

4. Never let the cord of a pacifier clip become wrapped around any part of your baby’s body, as this can cause serious injury or even death in rare cases.

5. Avoid using substitutes such as cloth pacifiers or sticks, as these can present choking hazards and are not meant to be used by infants.

Avoid Using Substitutes

By taking these precautions, you can keep your baby safe while they’re using their pacifier in the crib.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can ensure that your baby has access to their pacifier without any danger or risk!


With a few simple strategies, you can make sure your baby’s pacifier is safe and secure in the crib. If your baby cannot sleep without their pacifier, using a pacifier clip with a detachable holder is the best way to provide comfort and convenience. Make sure only to purchase clips made of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, as these fabrics are safest for your baby’s skin.

You can also keep track of your child’s pacifiers on their own by simply attaching small tags with the date stamped on them.

Finally, if using stuffed animals helps keep your little one happy and calm, try using safety straps or securing them so they won’t be accidentally grabbed during nap time.

Whatever your chosen strategy, it is always important to practice safe sleep to ensure your baby remains safe, healthy, and comfortable at night!

Hopefully, the article on how to keep pacifiers in crib has given you the guidance and tips needed to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.

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