How to Organize Nursery Dresser

Are you looking for a way to organize your nursery dresser? Look no further! Having an organized nursery dresser can make life so much easier when it comes to finding clothes, toys and other items quickly. Whether you’re expecting or already have little ones running around the house, having everything in its place is a must. In this blog post, we are going to give you all of my best tips and tricks on how to organize nursery dresser!

How to Organize Nursery Dresser

As a new parent, figuring out how to organize the nursery dresser can be one of the most overwhelming tasks. With so many small items and a limited space, it’s easy to feel like you just can’t win!

But don’t despair- there are strategies you can use to efficiently, effectively, and neatly organize your baby’s dresser drawers without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed in the process. We’ve put together this helpful guide to optimize storage for all those tiny onesies, socks, bibs and other necessities that come with parenthood.

Why is It Important to Organize Nursery Dressers?

1 . To Ensure Easy Access to Baby Items

Clothes, diapers and toys can create a mess in the nursery, so it is essential to organize these items to make sure you can easily find them when needed. Having an organized dresser will also help avoid unnecessary clutter.

2. To Maximize Storage Space

The nursery doesn’t have a lot of storage space, so it’s important to make the most of what you have. By making sure everything is neatly organized in your dresser, you can be sure that you are using all of the available space efficiently and effectively.

3. To Establish an Organized System

It’s also a good idea to create an organized system for storing items in the nursery dresser. This can include labeling boxes and drawers, hanging up baskets or sorting items by type. Doing this will help you to quickly find whatever item you need, saving time and stress in the long run.

15 Ideas on How to Organize Nursery Dresser

1. Sort Through Items

The first step is to sort through everything in the dresser and decide what items you need to keep, donate or throw away. This will help reduce clutter and make it easier to organize the remaining items.

2. Create Labels

Creating labels for each compartment is an easy way to stay organized. You can label drawers based on item type or use colorful tape or stickers to easily identify where certain items should go.

 Labels for Each Compartment

3. Divide Into Categories

Grouping items into categories can help you keep a neat and organized nursery dresser. You could organize by type of item, by size or color, or even by season. This will make it easy to find things when you need them.

4. Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers can be a great way to further subdivide items and keep them organized. You can buy drawers with built-in dividers or use customizable inserts to create your sections.

5. Hang Jewelry & Accessories

Hanging jewelry and accessories on the wall or inside the dresser can help create more storage space. This way, you can use the extra space to store other items and keep them easy to see.

6. Utilize Vertical Space

Don’t forget about vertical space! Installing shelves or hooks can give you extra places to hang items like hats, bags, and jackets. You can also use the floor space by placing a storage bin or basket to hold extra items.

7. Install Hooks

Hooks are an efficient way to store various items in your nursery dresser. You can hang things like towels, bags, and hats on hooks instead of cluttering up the drawers with these items. This will free up space and help keep everything more organized.

8. Add Baskets & Containers

Using baskets and containers is a great way to store items that may not fit in drawers. You can use these to store snacks, toys, books, or any other item you need easy access to. Plus, they look great!

9. Invest in Separate Storage Units

If your nursery dresser doesn’t have enough storage space, consider investing in separate storage units. You can find ones that match the existing furniture and even add wheels for easy mobility.

10. Use Shoe Organizers

Adding a shoe organizer to your nursery dresser is a great way to organize smaller items like toys, hair ties, and socks. Plus, it will keep things off the floor and make them easier to find.

11. Add a Mirror

Mirror Make Nursery Stylish

Adding a mirror can make your nursery dresser look more stylish and give you extra storage space for jewelry, makeup, or other small items. It can also be used as a vanity when your child gets older.

12. Hang Blankets & Towels

Hanging blankets and towels is a great way to keep them organized and off the floor. You can install hooks or magnets on the wall, inside the dresser, or anywhere else that you have extra space.

13. Install Drawer Liners

Drawer liners are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your drawers looking neat and organized. They can also help protect items from scratches and make them easier to clean.

14. Make Use of Open Shelves

Using open shelves can help you create more storage space without taking up too much room. You can use these shelves to store books, stuffed animals, or other small items that don’t need to be in a drawer.

15. Use Clear Containers

Using clear containers is another great way to keep items organized and easy to find. This will also make it easier for your child to pick out their own toys or clothes without having to rummage through drawers. It’s a win-win!

Tips for Maintaining an Organized Nursery Dresser

1. Invest in Organizers and Dividers for Drawers and Shelves

This is a great way to maximize space and make everything easier to organize. You can find organizers in various sizes, colors, and styles that will fit your needs and match the decor of the room.

2. Don’t Overstuff Drawers

This is a common mistake when organizing drawers. Trying to stuff too much in one drawer can cause it to become overloaded and more difficult to open. It’s better to spread out items into multiple drawers so it remains easy to access and organize.

 Stuff Too Much in One Drawer

3. Label Everything

Labels make it easier to find what you need while keeping everything organized and looking neat. You can label shelves, drawers, containers, or wherever else you have extra storage space.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Keep up with organizing the nursery dresser regularly so it doesn’t become too cluttered. Make sure to put items back in their designated places when you’re finished using them, and take a few minutes every day to tidy up the dresser.

5. Keep Only What You Need

Getting rid of things you don’t need or want can help keep the nursery dresser organized. Donate or sell unused items to create more space in the drawers and shelves. This will make it easier to find what you need and maintain a neat and organized look.

6. Have Fun With It!

Organizing your nursery dresser doesn’t have to be a chore. Have fun with it and get creative! Decorate the drawers and shelves, paint them, or add some colorful accessories to make your nursery dresser truly unique.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are Some Good Storage Ideas?

When organizing a nursery dresser, there are several options available to you. It is important to think about what items you will use most often and place them in easy to reach drawers or shelves. If your nursery has limited space, consider using organizers and baskets for smaller items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, and toys.

What Are Some Tips For Organizing a Nursery Dresser?

 Utilize Wall Space for Frequently

When organizing a nursery dresser, it is important to keep like items together. Grouping items by type will make them easier to find and access when you need them. Additionally, utilize wall space for frequently used items such as diapers, wipes, and clothing. You can hang these items from hooks or shelving so that they are easy to grab when needed. It is also important to label drawers and baskets so you can quickly find what you need. Finally, make sure your dresser is secure and does not tip over when opened or closed.


As you can see, organizing your nursery dresser efficiently is easier than you thought. With these simple steps, you can make sure everything has its place – whether it’s diapers, clothes or toys. Being organized when it comes to baby products will make the job of taking care of your little one much easier! Plus, with all the cute designs and colors available, it’s no wonder that a nursery dresser is an indispensable part of any family home.

Now you know how to organize nursery dresser! Whether you’re a busy mom or a young couple just starting out in life, these tips can help to ensure that your family’s living space feels comfortable and organized all the time. Taking a few moments now to organize your nursery dresser could save you plenty of headaches later on. So take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief – organizing doesn’t have to be hard after all!

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