How to Purge Toys

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the growing pile of toys in your home? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Purging toys is a great way to reduce clutter and make more room for fun. Here are some tips on how to purge toys.

If you’re like many parents, your home is filled to the brim with toys, from preschool graduation gifts to beloved childhood treasures. While these items may bring joy when they are new, too often, they become a source of clutter and overwhelm.

How to Purge Toys

Whether it’s time for spring cleaning or an annual review of toys that have outlived their usefulness, purging excess items can lighten the load and help create a more soothing atmosphere. If you’re feeling ready to tackle toy overload in your house, then let this post be your guide as we explore how to make purging toys less daunting and more successful!

What are the Benefits of Purging Toys?

Purging toys is not only a great way to sort through the clutter, but it can also be beneficial for everyone in the family. Having fewer toys can help children concentrate on each toy more and make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed. It also elevates the quality of playtime since children are able to focus on each toy more intently.

Finally, purging toys helps create a calmer home environment for everyone. Too many unruly toys can be visually and mentally distracting, so by reducing the number of items in your house, you’ll be able to enjoy a less chaotic atmosphere.

What Will You Need?

Before you start purging your toys, having the right tools is important. Here are some items that will help make the process easier:

1. Boxes: Have several boxes handy to store toys in while you sort. This will keep everything organized and help you decide what should stay or go more quickly.

2. Labels: Labeling each box can help you remember what is inside and make it easier to put away later.

3. Bags: Have several plastic bags on hand for items that need to be trashed or donated.

4. Friends & Family: Enlisting the help of friends and family members can make the process less daunting and even more fun!

Labeling Each Box

10 Easy Steps on How to Purge Toys

Step 1. Gather Everything Together:

Whether it’s from the playroom, bedrooms, or even your closet, start by collecting all the toys in one place so you have a good overview of everything that needs purging. This will also make it easier for kids to see what is going out and what is staying. Additionally, it will make packing away the toys that stay easier.

Step 2. Sort into Three Piles:

Now that you’ve got everything out in the open create three distinct piles based on their condition. Place broken toys or items with missing pieces in one pile, those that are still usable and in good condition in another, and lastly, anything else that no longer sparks joy should go in a third pile to be donated or trashed. If you have friends or family who can use any of the items in the donation pile, be sure to let them know!

Step 3. Start Sifting:

Begin sorting through each item and deciding if it needs to stay or go. If your kids are attached to certain toys, try not to pressure them too much but involve them in the process by letting them choose which ones they want to keep and donate or toss away. Don’t forget to explain why keeping only the items that bring joy is important.

Step 4. Get the Kids Involved:

If your children are old enough, you can get them to lend a hand with purging and sorting toys by having them pick out items that aren’t played with for donation or disposal. This will not only help lighten the load, but it can also be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved! Try to make a game out of it and reward the kids with treats for participating.

Lend a Hand With Purging and Sorting Toys

Step 5. Ask Your Friends & Family:

Reach out to friends and family members who may have use for items no longer sparking joy in your household. Hosting a toy swap, donating to charity, or giving away gently used toys are all great ways to put excess belongings into service once again. Be careful not to overwhelm your friends and family with too many items, or they may just end up back in your house!

Step 6. Donate Or Trash Broken Items:

Put any broken toys in the appropriate trash bags or bins for disposal. Many charities and donation centers do not accept items that are damaged, so it’s best to get rid of them altogether. You can also look into recycling options for any toy parts that are still usable.

Step 7. Store Away Keepers:

Organize and store away items you choose to keep, labeling each box accordingly so it’s easier to find later on. Keeping things neat and tidy will help create a pleasant atmosphere for your family and make future toy purging sessions less overwhelming. Moreover, having everything neat and organized will encourage kids to clean up after themselves, making daily chores less hectic.

Step 8. Clean Up & Reorganize:

Once everything is sorted through, it’s time to clean up the room! Give everything a good dusting, vacuum if necessary, and reorganize furniture and toys to create a welcoming space. Try to make the room feel fresh and inviting by adding some personal touches like art or new furniture pieces.

Step 9. Put Away Or Donate What’s Left:

Any remaining items that you decide not to keep should be put away in separate boxes or bags for donation or trash. This will make it easier to go through the same process next time without having to sort through too much clutter.

Step 10. Reward Yourself:

You did it! You successfully purged your home of unneeded toys. Now reward yourself with something nice, like a long hot bath or a delicious treat! By cleansing your home of excess clutter, you can help create an environment of calm and joy for everyone involved.

Cleansing Your Home of Excess Clutter

Following these steps can help transform your home into an organized and clutter-free space in no time, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the things that spark joy. So grab a few boxes and bags, enlist some help from friends or family members, and get ready to conquer your toy purge!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Put toys into categories such as those that are played with, seasonal items, and sentimental pieces. This will help you sort through the chaos.

2. Make sure to involve your children in the purging process so they can have a say in what they keep and what they throw away or donate.

3. Set deadlines for sorting and purging toys – staying organized during this process is important so that tasks don’t pile up!

4. Consider donating any unused toys to local charities or good causes instead of throwing them away, which would be much more environmentally friendly.

5. Create dedicated storage areas for different types of toys (e.g., puzzles, books, action figures) so that they can easily be found and put away. This will help maintain order in your home.

Following these tips and tricks can make the process of purging toys much easier and faster, allowing you to reclaim some space in your home for other uses!

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Don’t keep toys that are missing pieces. If you can’t fix the toy or find a replacement, it’s time to get rid of it.

2. Don’t hang on to toys that don’t hold your child’s interest anymore. It might seem like a waste, but it’s probably time to move on if your little one isn’t playing with a toy.

3. Don’t keep toys that have been recalled. Even if they seem perfectly safe to you, be sure to check out any recalls at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website before you donate or resell them.

4. Don’t keep toys that are broken or unsafe. If a toy is missing pieces, has parts that can easily become detached, or has any other defect that could pose a hazard to your child, it should be thrown out.

5. Don’t hold on to toys from past generations. If you have antique or vintage toys, they can often be sold for good money if they’re in good condition. However, if the toy is too worn down to resell and won’t be used by your children, it’s better to pass it on rather than take up valuable storage space.

With these tips in mind, purging your child’s toys will be simpler than ever!

Take Up Valuable Storage Space


How to purge toys can be daunting, but the result can provide your family with a handful of amazing benefits. By getting rid of the clutter and creating an environment with less distraction, you will naturally have more energy, a cleaner home, and improved living standards.

Not to mention, purging your children’s toys will also help them better appreciate what they have and focus on activities that truly bring them joy.

With minimal effort, you can make a world of difference in your space and teach your kids important lessons about respect for their belongings. Embracing the purging process is no doubt an essential step for everything from maintaining order in your home to helping your kids learn responsibility – use it to transform their space today!

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