How to Put on the Ergobaby Carrier

Are you curious about the benefits of using an ergobaby carrier? Do you want to know how to put a carrier on correctly and safely, without any discomfort or pain? If so, then this blog post is ideal for you. Here, we’ll explore the different ways that the ergobaby carrier can help make carrying a child much more comfortable and convenient. We’ll also go over the important steps on how to properly put on your ergobaby carrier—from measurements, choosing a size, and material choice all the way through to which positions are most suitable for children of different sizes. Read on for tips from experts as well as real-life examples from caregivers!

How to Put on the Ergobaby Carrier

Many parents today are opting for baby wearing over traditional stroller options because of its many benefits, including promoting healthy development and providing a sense of safety for babies. Putting on your baby carrier may seem like a daunting task at first, but it doesn’t have to be! With some helpful tips and tricks from this blog post, you’ll learn all about how to securely put on your perfect-fitting Ergobaby Carrier and get ready to enjoy snuggling up with your little bundle of joy.

Benefits of Ergobaby Carrier

1. Promote Healthy Development:

One of the primary benefits of the Ergobaby Carrier is that it helps promote healthy development in infants and young children. It encourages bonding between parent and child while providing proper support to the baby’s back, neck and head. The natural wide seating position also helps to keep their spine in a healthy alignment, allowing them to better explore their environment.

2. Comfort:

The Ergobaby Carrier also offers a comfortable fit for baby and parent. It is designed with adjustable straps that can be tailored to the wearer’s size, ensuring an ergonomic and snug fit while carrying your little one. The breathable mesh fabric helps to keep both you and your baby cool during those warm days.

3. Versatile:

The Ergobaby Carrier is a great choice for parents who are always on the go. It can be used in four different positions – front inward, hip, back, and front-outward – allowing you to adjust it according to your needs. This makes it both convenient and versatile for those everyday activities such as trips to the grocery store or a stroll through the park.

Ergobaby Carrier is a Great Choice for Parents

How to Put on the Ergobaby Carrier in 5 Easy Steps

The Ergobaby Carrier is an excellent way to keep your baby close and comfortable while providing you with the convenience of hands-free carrying. With its adjustable straps, breathable fabric, and versatile positioning options, this carrier can help make parenting just that little bit easier! To put on the Ergobaby Carrier correctly, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Place the Carrier on a Flat Surface

The very first step is to find a flat surface, such as the floor or a bed, and place the Ergobaby Carrier on it. Make sure that all of the straps are lying flat and that no part of the carrier is twisted.

Also, make sure that the seat of the carrier is facing away from you, as this will be the best way to put your baby in when they are ready.

Step 2: Adjust the Straps

Now it’s time to adjust the straps! This part can take a bit of trial and error, but once you’ve figured out which settings work best for you and your baby, it will become much easier. Start by adjusting the shoulder straps so that they’re at a comfortable height for you to reach and secure them with the clips. You can then adjust the waist strap to fit your body, making sure that it is tight enough to support your baby’s weight but not too tight.

Step 3: Secure the Waist Strap

Once you have adjusted the straps, secure the waist strap by buckling it and tightening it as needed. Make sure that it is snug and that the buckle is not loose.

Secure the Waist Strap

Step 4: Secure Your Baby in the Carrier

Now it’s time to put your baby in the carrier! To do this, place them in the seat of the carrier with their head and neck supported by your chest or shoulder. Make sure that they are secure and comfortable before proceeding.

Step 5: Adjust the Straps for Comfort

Finally, adjust the straps of the Ergobaby Carrier until you are comfortable. Make sure that your baby is secure and that all of the straps are snug but not too tight. Once everything is in place, you can enjoy hands-free carrying with your Ergobaby Carrier!

Following these steps will ensure that you and your baby are comfortable and supported while using the Ergobaby Carrier. With a few simple adjustments, you can have an ergonomic and safe experience for both of you!

Some Additional Tips to Put on the Ergobaby Carrier

1. Do Not Over Tighten

It’s important to make sure the Ergobaby carrier is not overly tight. Over-tightening can cause discomfort and limit your baby’s movement. Also, it is important to adjust the straps so that the baby’s legs are in an ‘M’ shape, with enough bend in their knees and hips.

2. Use Weight Distribution for Comfort

The Ergobaby Carrier evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your body, providing greater comfort for both you and your baby. To use the weight distribution correctly, start by loosening the waist belt to its maximum size, then tightening it as you go.

3. Adjust as Needed

As your baby grows, you may need to make frequent adjustments to ensure they’re in a comfortable and safe position within the carrier. You should check that straps are not too loose or too tight and that your baby is being properly supported.

Baby is Being Properly Supported

4. Don’t Forget About Safety

It’s important to follow safety guidelines when using the Ergobaby Carrier. Make sure you are wearing it correctly, with your baby in a safe position within the carrier at all times. Additionally, use caution when placing your baby in or out of the carrier.

By following these tips, you can be sure that you are using your Ergobaby Carrier safely and comfortably. With a little practice, you’ll be able to put on the Ergobaby Carrier with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Using the Ergobaby Carrier?

When using an Ergobaby carrier, it is important to ensure that your baby’s airways are clear and unobstructed. Additionally, always make sure you can see your baby’s face without any obstructions from fabric or other materials. It is also essential to follow all safety instructions that come with the carrier, such as adjusting straps for a safe and comfortable fit. Last but not least, never use the Ergobaby Carrier while running, jogging, or doing any strenuous activity. Doing so can put your baby in danger of injury.

What is the Best Position to Wear My Baby in the Ergobaby Carrier?

The best position to wear your baby in the Ergobaby carrier is with their legs and hips bent in a “frog-like” position. This helps to evenly distribute their weight across your chest, back, and shoulders. Additionally, it encourages proper spinal alignment for both you and your baby.

Are There Any Tips I Should Follow When Putting on the Ergobaby Carrier?

When putting on your Ergobaby carrier, start by putting the waist belt around your back and across your hips. Make sure it is secure and that there is no extra room in the middle. Then, take one shoulder strap at a time and pass them behind you and over each shoulder. Adjust the straps as needed so that your baby is secured in their frog position and at the correct height for comfortable breastfeeding. Lastly, make sure you always check the safety of the buckles before putting your baby in the carrier.

Are There Any Tips I Should Follow When Taking off the Ergobaby Carrier?

When taking off your Ergobaby carrier, start by loosening both shoulder straps and then unclipping the waist belt. Once all straps are loose, carefully lower your baby to a safe spot before taking off the carrier. If you are having trouble lifting your baby out of the carrier, make sure to keep one hand on their back for extra support. Finally, always take off the carrier before adjusting any straps. Doing so can help prevent sudden movements that could harm your baby.

Unclipping the Waist Belt


Now you know how to put on the ergobaby carrier! Putting on the Ergobaby carrier may seem intimidating at first, but with a few easy steps and a small amount of practice, you can become an expert at doing it. With the knowledge of how to wear the Ergobaby carrier properly, you can create a comfortable, ergonomic fit for both you and your baby. 

And when strapped in correctly, it will feel secure and natural. Not only this but carrying your baby in the Ergobaby carrier can even help you establish a bond with them while freeing up your hands to get things done (or maybe just grab some coffee). So strap those babies in and enjoy all that comes with having little ones in tow!

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