How to Raise Pack N Play Mattress

Are you looking to make your Pack-N-Play just a little bit more comfortable for your baby? Raising the mattress is one easy way to do it, and it doesn’t even take much time or effort! 

How to Raise Pack N Play Mattress

With this short guide, we will explain how to raise pack n play mattress. Not only will it be more comfortable for your baby, but raising the mattress also helps provide back support and can help reduce the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). So let’s get started!

Can I Put a Mattress in a Pack and Play?

It is possible to put a mattress in a Pack and Play, but it must be the correct size and type of mattress for safety reasons. A standard crib-sized mattress will not fit into a Pack and Play. Instead, you should purchase a specialized Pack and Play mattress that has been designed specifically to fit within the confines of the play yard.

This mattress should be thin and lightweight so that it can easily fit within the play area and provide a comfortable sleeping surface for your little one. When choosing a mattress for your Pack and Play, make sure to select one that is waterproof or easy to clean in case of accidents or spills.

You may also want to consider purchasing an additional mattress pad or sheet for added comfort. Once you have the correct mattress for your Pack and Play, it is important to make sure that it fits snugly within the play yard.

Purchasing an Additional Mattress Pad

If the mattress is too small or not positioned correctly, there may be gaps between the mattress and the side walls of the play yard, which could cause a safety hazard. It is also important to make sure that the mattress is securely fastened in place. If it shifts during use, your child could become entrapped and put at risk of serious injury.

8 Methods How to Raise Pack N Play Mattress

1.  Choose the Right Size Mattress.

The first step in raising a Pack N Play mattress is to choose the right size mattress. There are a variety of sizes available, so it is important to select one that will fit your child’s needs. If you are unsure of which size is best, consider measuring the area inside the play yard before making a purchase.

However, if you already own a mattress, make sure to measure it before buying an additional one.

2.  Place the Mattress on a Firm Surface.

Once you have chosen the right size mattress, place it on a firm surface such as a floor or table. This will help to ensure that the mattress does not move around during use. If you are using the mattress directly in a Pack N Play, make sure that the bottom of the frame is securely fastened. This will help to keep the mattress firmly in place.

3.  Inflate the Mattress.

Next, inflate the mattress using an air pump or by mouth. It is important not to over-inflate the mattress, as this can cause it to burst. You should inflate it just enough to give it a firm, comfortable feel. Once the mattress is fully inflated, secure the valve by twisting it closed. This will help to keep the air inside of the mattress and maintain its firmness.

Inflate the Mattress Using an Air Pump

Lastly, place the mattress in the Pack N Play and make sure it is properly secured. You’re now ready to lay your little one down for a restful night of sleep.

4.  Place the Bedding on the Mattress.

After inflating the mattress, place the bedding on top of it. This can include sheets, blankets, and pillows. Be sure to choose bedding that is designed for a Pack N Play mattress. If the bedding is too large, it may not fit properly or be uncomfortable for the baby.

Make sure to tuck in the sheets and blankets firmly, so they do not move around while your baby sleeps. If you are using a pillow, place it against the side of the mattress, not at the head of the mattress. This will ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.

5.  Place Your Child in the Bedding.

Once the bedding is in place, have your child lie down in it. If they are too small to do this on their own, you can help them to the position. Make sure that the sides of the Pack N Play mattress are secure and stable. 

This will help to prevent them from rolling out of bed during their sleep. You may also want to place a pillow at the head of the mattress for extra comfort and support. Once your child is securely in bed, you can take a few moments to give them a goodnight kiss and tuck them in. Now they are ready for a peaceful, restful sleep!

6.  Zip up the Sides of the Bedding.

To keep your child from falling out of the bedding, zip up the sides of it so that it forms a cocoon around them. This will help prevent them from rolling off the Pack N Play mattress and ensure they stay comfortable and secure during their nap or sleep.

If you are using a mattress cover, you may need to tuck the excess fabric inside the zippers so that everything is secure and stays in place. After this step is complete, your Pack N Play mattress setup is ready for use! Have a wonderful and safe sleep.

Tuck the Excess Fabric

7.  Place the Raised Mattress in the Playard.

Now that your child is safely cocooned in their bedding place the raised mattress inside of the playard. Make sure that all sides are secure before letting your child play in it unsupervised. You can purchase mattress anchors to keep your raised mattress in place, or you can use hand towels tucked under the edges.

This will ensure that the mattress does not move around and create a gap, which could be hazardous. Make sure to check all the sides of the mattress before turning your attention away from your child.

8. Enjoy Your Child’s New Playing Space!

Your child will love the new space that you have created for them. With the raised mattress, you can give them a space that is both safe and comfortable to enjoy for hours of playtime. Be sure to check in often on your little one and make adjustments as needed to keep them safe.

The extra height of the mattress will also provide an easier way for you to interact with your little one! Following these steps will ensure that you and your child have a safe and comfortable sleeping experience with their Pack N Play mattress.

With the right setup, your baby can get the restful sleep they need while allowing you to maintain peace of mind in terms of safety and security. Enjoy!

Things to Consider When Raising Pack N Play Mattress

1. Adjustment Options:

It is important to consider the options available for adjusting the height of your Pack N Play mattress. Some models come with adjustable legs that can be adjusted by simply turning a knob, while others may require you to use additional tools or pieces in order to get the right height.

2. Size of Mattress:

The size of the mattress is also an important consideration. Some Pack N Play mattresses are designed to fit standard crib sizes, while others may have larger dimensions or be made to fit in a playpen or portable crib. Make sure you measure your space before purchasing a mattress so that you get the right size for your needs.

Measure Your Space Before Purchasing a Mattress

3. Safety:

When raising a Pack N Play mattress, it is essential to ensure that it is secure and won’t cause any potential safety hazard or injury. Check to make sure all locking mechanisms are engaged correctly and that the mattress isn’t going to slip out of position at any point.

Also double-check that there aren’t any sharp edges or protrusions from the mattress that could cause injury.

4. Comfort:

Comfort is also an important factor to consider when raising a Pack N-Play mattress. Make sure you choose a mattress that is soft and supportive enough for your child, so they can get the best night’s sleep possible.

You may also want to think about investing in additional padding or a separate sleeping pad if your child is particularly sensitive to discomfort while sleeping.

Choose a Mattress That is Soft and Supportive

5. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Finally, it is important to consider how easily the mattress can be cleaned and maintained over time. Some mattresses are equipped with removable covers that can be washed in the machine, but other models may require special cleaning precautions or materials.

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you purchase, so you know what to expect in terms of keeping your mattress clean and in good condition.

6. Durability:

When investing in a Pack N Play mattress, it is important to consider the durability of the product. Look for mattresses that are made from high-quality materials and have reinforced seams or linings to help ensure they stand up to regular use.

It’s also worth checking out customer reviews to find out which models are more likely to last longer and offer better value for money.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your Pack N Play mattress is adjustable, safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain for years to come. With the right setup, your little one will have a cozy place to rest each night that they can rely on.


If you have a Pack n-Play and are wondering how to raise the mattress, there are several different ways that you can do it. By following the tips on how to raise pack n play mattress, you can easily raise or lower your child’s Playard mattress to ensure they’re always comfortable. 

You can use something like a foam wedge or a pool noodle to prop up the mattress and make it higher. Another option is to buy a raised Pack n Play mattress insert that will fit into your existing one. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you test it out first to make sure that it is safe and secure before letting your baby sleep in it.

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