How to Recline Mamaroo

Are you finding it difficult to recline your mamaroo? Reclining your mamaroo can be tricky but with a few simple steps, you’ll soon have it adjusted to the right angle for maximum comfort. Here, we will guide you through how to recline mamaroo and provide helpful tips so that each time is easier. Whether new parents or experienced caregivers, anyone can use these instructions to safely adjust their mamaroo’s settings for optimal newborn positioning and comfort.

How to Recline Mamaroo

If you’ve recently purchased a Mamaroo and are wondering how to get it set up so your little one can enjoy its features, then this blog post is for you. Here, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to recline the Mamaroo in either the upright or flat position. We’ll also explain why reclining the seat is important and advise on correctly positioning accessories. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to start enjoying all that the Mamaroo has to offer with your baby’s safety and health is taken into consideration each time!

Why May You Want to Recline Mamaroo?

There can be many reasons why you may want to recline Mamaroo. Such as:

1. To Add Comfort

One of the main reasons parents choose to recline Mamaroo is for added comfort. Whether you’re using it as a swing, a rocker, or a bouncer, adding the extra recline can make your baby’s experience much more comfortable and cozy.

2. To Use For Naps

If you plan on using Mamaroo for napping, you may want to adjust the incline. This can help create a more peaceful environment for your little one to get some restful sleep. Also make sure you adjust the speed so that it’s moving slower than usual.

Get Some Restful Sleep

3. To Help With Reflux

If your baby suffers from reflux, reclining Mamaroo can provide some relief by helping to keep their head and chest slightly elevated while they are in the seat. This can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms associated with reflux.

How to Recline Mamaroo in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gently Push the Recline Button

The very first step is to locate the recline button located in front of the Mamaroo. Once you find it, gently press down on the recline button until you hear a click. Also make sure not to push too hard as it could damage the recliner.

Step 2: Grasp the Handle and Pull Upwards

After pressing down on the recline button, you will see a handle just above the seat cushion. Grab hold of this handle and slowly pull upwards until it locks into place. This will give you an extra 20 degrees of recline.

Pressing Down on the Recline Button

Step 3: Lift the Lever

Once you’ve pulled the handle up into position, locate the lever on the side of the Mamaroo seat cushion. Once located, lift this lever to an angle that is comfortable for your baby and you will have achieved a full 30-degree recline.

Step 4: Adjust Footrest

If your Mamaroo is equipped with a footrest, then you can adjust this by pushing down on the release button located just under the seat cushion. This will cause the footrest to flip down into position.

Step 5: Secure Recline Position

Once all of these steps have been completed, it’s time to secure the recline position. To do this, simply push down on the recline button located near the handle and it will lock into place for a secure, comfortable recline for baby.

With these five easy steps, you can easily adjust your Mamaroo to a more comfortable angle for your little one. Remember to be gentle with all the adjustments and always use the recline button to secure the position. Now your Mamaroo is ready for a safe, comfortable nap or playtime!

Secure the Recline Position

Some Tips to Recline Mamaroo

1. Do Not Let the Seat Recline Too Far

This is very important. The Mamaroo should not recline too far as it can be dangerous if the seat is too reclined and the baby falls asleep in that position. To ensure that the seat is reclined just enough, use the handle on the back of the Mamaroo to adjust it until you see a 45-degree angle between the back and the floor.

2. Use the Safety Belt to Secure Your Baby

Once reclined, ensure your baby is properly secured in the Mamaroo using the safety belt around their waist or chest. This will ensure that your baby is safely tucked in so there’s no risk of them sliding out of the seat as it reclines.

3. Check the Reclined Position

It’s always a good idea to double-check that the Mamaroo has been reclined correctly before leaving your baby in it. To do this, stand beside the Mamaroo and gently push it with one hand while using your other hand to ensure the seat is not reclined too far. If the seat does not move, then it is properly secured.

4. Adjust the Recline Angle as Needed

As time goes on, your baby may need more or less support in their Mamaroo seat. To adjust the angle of recline, use the handle on the back of the Mamaroo to adjust it until you see the desired angle between the back of the seat and the floor.

5. Be Aware of How Long Your Baby Is in Reclined Position

It’s important to be aware of how long your baby is in a reclined position, as this can cause them to become uncomfortable and irritable. To ensure that your baby does not stay in the Mamaroo for too long, make sure to take them out for regular breaks and move them around in different positions throughout the day.

Following these tips will help ensure your little one is safe and comfortable using their Mamaroo. As always, make sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions when adjusting the recline angle on their Mamaroo. Happy reclining!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take Before Reclining My Mamaroo?

Before reclining your Mamaroo, make sure the headrest is secured in place, and no items are present that may impede the rocking motion. Additionally, ensure all buckles and straps are securely attached to both you and your baby before beginning to rock. Check that the seat is on a flat and secure surface, as it can cause harm to your little one if it tips over. Lastly, check that all moving parts are in proper working order before reclining the seat.

What Should I Do If My Mamaroo Does Not Recline Properly?

If you feel your Mamaroo is not properly reclining, inspect the seat to ensure all straps and buckles are securely attached, the headrest is in place, and no items impede movement. If everything appears secure, then try adjusting the tension on the joints and springs using a Phillips screwdriver. Additionally, check that all moving parts are functioning properly and replace any broken or worn components with genuine Mamaroo parts. Finally, contact Mamaroo customer service for further assistance if the issue persists.

Do I Need to Worry About Overheating When Reclining My Mamaroo?

No, you do not need to worry about overheating when reclining your Mamaroo. The seat is built with breathable fabric and air vents that help keep your baby cool and comfortable while in the seat. Additionally, you can remove the headrest cover if needed to provide extra airflow.

Can I Recline My Mamaroo While My Baby Is In It?

Yes, it is safe to recline your Mamaroo with your baby in it as long as all straps and buckles are securely attached to both you and your baby. Additionally, ensure the seat is on a flat, secure surface that will not tip over. Lastly, check that all moving parts are in proper working order before reclining the seat.

Does Reclining My Mamaroo Affect The Rocking Motion?

No, reclining your Mamaroo does not affect the rocking motion. The seat is designed to recline and rock at the same time. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of reclining using a Phillips screwdriver depending on how much support your baby needs. You can also control rocking speed by adjusting the tension on the joints and springs to create smoother or more vigorous rocking motions.

 Designed to Recline and Rock at the Same Time


The ability to recline the Mamaroo is an incredibly important feature to consider when it comes to providing optimal comfort and enjoyment for your baby. With just a few steps, you can go from fully upright to almost completely flat, making sure your infant is content and secure while in the seat. When done properly, the recline feature allows you to provide soothing vibes and rocking motions that are perfect for a calm and relaxed day (and night) time naps. 

Now you know how to recline mamaroo, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is comfortable and secure. Whether you’re looking for a more upright position or need to recline it fully to create a soothing environment, the Mamaroo has an adjustable backrest to suit your needs. When in doubt, refer to the instructions included with your Mamaroo and make sure it’s properly secured before use. This will ensure your baby is safe and sound for many naps. Thanks for reading!

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