How to Stop Pacifier From Falling Out of Crib

Are you trying to keep your child’s pacifier from falling out of the crib? If so, there are some simple things you can do!

How to Stop Pacifier From Falling Out of Crib

If you have a little one who won’t sleep without their pacifier and is constantly pulling it out of their crib, we understand the frustration that can come with it. Constant retrieval of the pacifier can become tiring fast, but there are some creative solutions to help keep your child’s pacifier in place and make sure they always have access to comfort and relaxation.

From covers and specially designed straps to using velcro or fabric ties, these quick DIY projects will ensure your bundle of joy stays happy – even when naptime rolls around!

Read on for tips on how to stop pacifier from falling out of crib.

What Will You Need?

When it comes to keeping your child’s pacifier from falling out of the crib, a few tools and materials can help. Depending on the type of solution you choose, some of the items you may need include:

Use Tools and Materials to Stop Falling From Crib

1. A Pacifier Holder/strap: These holders or straps are designed to connect the pacifier to your little one’s clothing or crib rail.

2. A Fabric Tie: This may be used to attach the pacifier holder or strap to the crib rail and keep it in place securely.

3. Velcro: If you prefer a velcro solution, use this material on both sides of the pacifier holder/strap – one side attached to the pacifier and one side attached to your child’s clothing or bedding.

4. Sewing Supplies: If you’re using a fabric tie, you’ll need thread and needle to ensure it stays in place when connected to the crib rail.

5. A Sewing Machine: An optional item, but it may be worth considering if you’re short on time or don’t have the patience for hand-sewing.

Once you have the necessary items ready to go, it’s time to get started on how to stop the pacifier from falling out of the crib.

10 Easy Steps on How to Stop Pacifier From Falling Out of Crib

Step 1. Choose a Holder:

Start by selecting a pacifier holder or strap that will work best for your little one’s needs. You can buy specially designed pacifier holders at most stores or make your own if you want to be extra creative. If making your own isn’t an option, plenty of great options are available online.

Step 2. Attach the Holder/Strap:

Once you have chosen your holder/strap, attach it to the pacifier. You can do this by either sewing or using velcro. Don’t forget to make sure it’s secure before moving on. Instead of sewing, you can also use fabric ties to keep the pacifier holder/strap in place.

Step 3. Attach the Fabric Tie:

If you’re using a fabric tie, attach this securely to the crib rail with thread and needle (or a sewing machine, if you prefer). Make sure it’s snug and won’t come undone – but still flexible enough so your little one can reach their pacifier when needed. Additionally, make sure to adhere the fabric tie with something that won’t damage your crib.

Using a Fabric Tie Won’t Damage Your Crib

Step 4. Attach the Holder/Strap to the Fabric Tie:

Connect the holder/strap that was attached to the pacifier in Step 2 to the fabric tie on the crib rail. If you’re using velcro, attach one side of the velcro to the holder/strap and one side to the fabric tie. Be careful not to attach it too tightly, as this can make it difficult for your little one to access the pacifier when they need it.

Step 5. Test it Out:

Now it’s time for a test run! Put your little one in their crib with their pacifier attached via the holder/strap and ensure everything works correctly before leaving them to sleep.

Ensure that the holder/strap is still securely attached, and your little one can easily access their pacifier. If everything looks good, you can rest easy knowing that your little one’s pacifier won’t be falling out of the crib anymore!

Step 6. Monitor:

Monitor your child’s pacifier usage for a few days after setting up your holder/strap solution. This will help you identify any problem areas or places where the pacifier can easily slip out of its holder/strap. If you see any issues, adjust accordingly until everything is secured properly.

Step 7. Make Additional Adjustments:

If your little one isn’t able to access their pacifier easily, you may need to make some adjustments. Consider loosening the strap slightly or switching out the fabric tie for something more flexible. Another idea is to purchase an adjustable holder or strap so you can adjust it as needed.

Step 8. Keep It Clean:

Remember to clean the holder/strap regularly to ensure that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap after each use, and be sure to let it dry completely before re-attaching it to the crib rail. You can also spot clean with a disinfectant spray as needed.

Wipe Down With a Damp Cloth and Mild Soap

Step 9. Replace When Necessary:

When needed, replace any parts of your pacifier holder/strap solution that are starting to show signs of wear and tear. This is especially important if you’re using Velcro, as it can quickly become worn out and ineffective. Additionally, replace any fabric ties that may have been stretched too far from wear and tear.

Step 10. Enjoy:

Once your holder/strap solution is set up, you can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your little one’s pacifier won’t be falling out of the crib anymore! And don’t forget to celebrate this parenting victory with your little one – they’ll love it! Remember, you’ve got this!

By following these steps, you are now equipped with all the knowledge necessary to stop the pacifier from falling out of crib. With a few simple adjustments and regular maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your little one’s pacifier in place and give them the comfort they need.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Secure the pacifier by tying a ribbon to it and affixing the end onto the. It’s a simple solution that will provide extra security.
  2. Use an item such as a safety pin to attach the pacifier to the baby’s clothing or blanket.
  3. Place stuffed animals in the crib that has a pocket for pacifier storage.
  4. Try using a larger-size of the pacifier. This may help keep it from falling out of the crib due to its weight and size.
  5. If you are comfortable with it, tuck the pacifier into your baby’s mouth before putting them down in their crib so they can’t spit it right out again when they wake up. This may take some practice but can be effective if done correctly.
Use Safety Pin to Attach the Pacifier With Cloth

Taking proper steps to ensure the pacifier stays put can help prevent it from falling out of the crib and becoming a choking hazard. Following these tips will provide peace of mind that your baby’s pacifier is in its place when they are asleep or playing in their crib.

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t attempt to secure the pacifier with tape, as it can become a choking hazard.
  2. Avoid using a string or ribbon longer than 8 inches as it could become wrapped around the baby’s neck and cause suffocation.
  3. Don’t use an elastic band or rubber band to attach the pacifier, as these items can be hazardous if they come off during sleep.
  4. Never place foreign objects in your baby’s crib, such as stuffed animals or blankets with pockets for pacifiers, as these can also become a choking hazard.
  5. Do not put anything around your baby’s neck or chest area, such as collars, scarves, etc. These items should never be used to secure the pacifier in any way.

Using caution and careful consideration when it comes to keeping your baby’s pacifier secure can help reduce the risk of them choking or getting hurt while sleeping. Following these tips and tricks will give you peace of mind that your little one is safe at all times.


Although there is no surefire way to ensure that your baby’s pacifier won’t fall out of the crib, following these tips and techniques should help you rest easier at night, knowing that your little one has a secure sleep environment. Always be sure to check on your baby every couple of hours to keep a close eye on her safety.

Ultimately, the best course of action is to switch to pacifier clips as soon as your baby’s no longer reliant on the binky. By utilizing clips, tethers and monitoring the situation closely, you can take the necessary steps to prevent any potential accidents.

Hopefully, the article on how to stop pacifier from falling out of crib has given you the knowledge and confidence to keep your little one safe. Always remember, with a few simple adjustments and regular maintenance, you can keep your baby’s pacifier in its place! Good luck!

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