How to Store Baby Blankets

Are you looking for the best way to store your baby’s blankets? Storing them properly will help ensure that they stay soft and cuddly for years. Here are some tips on how to store baby blankets safely.

How to Store Baby Blankets

Storing baby blankets is a must-have activity for new parents who want to keep their little one’s special keepsakes safe and in great condition. Not only can they help you remember those precious first moments with your newborn, but if chosen carefully, these pieces of fabric can be used as decorative covers or repurposed into other items around the house.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cleaning and sanitizing your carpets so that they can be enjoyed worry-free – both now and into the future!

What Will You Need?

Before you get started, gather these items to help with the process:

  1. Vacuum cleaner and attachments
  2. Clean cloths or paper towels
  3. Soap (or detergent) for machine washing
  4. Odor neutralizer
  5. Baking soda or fabric refresher

Now that you have everything together, it’s time to move on to how to store baby blankets properly.

10 Easy Steps on How to Store Baby Blankets

Step 1. Cleaning Baby Blankets:

Before storing your blanket, ensure it is clean and free of dirt or odors. Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments if necessary to remove any loose dirt. If there are spots on the blanket, use a damp cloth and some soap (or detergent) to scrub them away gently. For tougher stains, you may need to use a fabric refresher or baking soda.

Step 2. Sanitizing Baby Blankets:

If you plan on storing your baby blanket for a long time, it is wise to sanitize them. This will help ensure that any germs or bacteria are killed before they can spread. You can do this by washing the blanket in a washing machine at the highest temperature recommended for that particular fabric and with an odor-neutralizer.

Step 3. Air Drying:

After cleaning and sanitizing your baby’s blankets, it’s important to ensure they are completely dry before storage. Air drying is the best method as it will help preserve the texture and colors of the fabric. If you decide to use a dryer, keep it on the lowest heat setting.

Air Drying is the Best Method

Step 4. Fold Blankets Neatly:

Once your blankets are completely dry, it’s important to fold them properly and neatly. This will prevent wrinkles and other damage that can occur when storing fabric pieces. Be sure to follow any instructions printed on the labels of each blanket in regards to how they should be folded.

Step 5. Check for Pests:

Before putting your baby’s blankets into storage, check for signs of any pests, such as moths or silverfish. If any pests are present, use an insect repellent or a vacuum cleaner to remove them. Otherwise, the pests may cause damage to your blankets. You can also use cedar chips or lavender to deter any pests from entering your storage space.

Step 6. Storing Baby Blankets:

Where you store your blankets is just as important as how to store them. Find a cool, dry place with good ventilation and away from direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators or vents. If using cardboard boxes, make sure they are made of acid-free material so that the fabric does not become stained over time.

Step 7. Labeling Boxes:

It can be helpful to label each box with the contents and when they were last washed. This will make it easier to find what you need later on and help ensure that everything is in good condition. Be careful not to use markers or pens that can be wiped off, as they may leave permanent stains.

Label Each Box With the Contents

Step 8. Rotating Baby Blankets:

If your baby blankets are stored for a long time, it’s important to rotate them periodically. Take out the ones at the bottom of the stack and move them to the top so that air can circulate around all of them. This will prevent mildew or mold from forming due to an accumulation of moisture.

Step 9. Inspecting Baby Blankets:

To ensure that your baby’s blankets stay in good condition, inspect them periodically for any signs of damage or discoloration. If any of these are present, it’s best to discard them and purchase a new one. Moreover, if your baby’s blankets become stained or smelly, it’s best to either wash them or discard them.

Step 10. Enjoying Baby Blankets:

Once your baby’s blankets are cleaned, sanitized, stored, and inspected properly, you can rest assured knowing that they will remain in good condition for a long time! Don’t forget to enjoy those precious moments with your little one; the blankets will be there when you need them. So, relax and enjoy the special moments with your little one.

Now that you know how to store your baby blankets properly, why not take some of those extra blankets and repurpose them into something else? You might even make something special for future babies or generations to come! With some creativity and effort, your memories will be cherished for years to come. Enjoy!

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5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Flip it! When storing a baby blanket, consider flipping it over and folding it the opposite way for extra protection.
  2. Label it! For more organized storage, use a label maker or permanent marker to identify when storing baby blankets easily.
  3. Airtight is key! For extra protection from dust and dirt, consider using airtight bags for storing baby blankets.
  4. Keep it clean! Before storing baby blankets, ensure they are freshly washed in warm water with mild detergent.
  5. Protect the color! If baby blankets are stored for long periods, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper to better preserve the fabric’s color.

The above tips are just a few ways to store baby blankets properly and safely successfully! With these simple tricks, your precious little one’s blanket will be in great shape for years to come. 

Ensure They Are Freshly Washed

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5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Placing Baby Blankets in a Plastic Bag: This can result in moisture building up and accumulating inside the bag, leading to bacteria growth on your blankets.

2. Storing Baby Blankets Near Window Panes: Sunlight can cause fabric fading and discoloration over time, so it’s best to keep baby blankets away from windows where possible.

3. Putting Heavy Items On Top of Baby Blankets: If you stack something too heavy atop your baby blanket, it can stretch out the fabric or cause permanent damage over time. 

4. Ignoring Care Labels: Different materials may require different types of care instructions, such as machine washing or hand-washing only – always check the care label before storing a baby blanket.

5. Not Using Proper Storage Containers: To ensure your baby blankets are kept safe, invest in some storage containers that are easily breathable and have ample space for all of your blankets. This will help keep them organized while also keeping dust and dirt away.

These tips should help you to store your baby blankets properly, so they last as long as possible. With the right storage solutions, you can ensure that these precious keepsakes remain as beautiful as ever!

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Do Baby Blankets Need to Be Washed Before Use?

Yes, it is recommended that you wash baby blankets before use. Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, so all new and used items should be washed before using them around your little one. Washing in hot water with a mild detergent will help keep your baby’s blanket clean, soft, and free of bacteria. Additionally, consider air drying or tumble drying on low heat to prevent shrinkage or damage. Do not bleach any baby blankets unless specifically indicated on the care labels – doing otherwise may cause discoloration or fading of fabrics over time.

Additionally, it is important to inspect and wash your baby’s blanket regularly whenever needed. Depending on the material and use, blankets should be washed every few weeks to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation of materials. These simple steps will help keep your little ones safe and comfortable while snuggling up with their favorite blankets.

By following the above tips, you can ensure that these precious keepsakes remain as beautiful as ever! With proper storage and cleaning techniques, you can keep your baby’s blankets in pristine condition for years to come. 

Keep Your Little Ones Safe


Storing baby blankets is a task that can quickly add to the clutter of an already hectic home. Many storage methods and solutions are designed to organize and make the most out of limited space. 

Whether you choose to invest in one of these solutions or stick with the basics, it is important to care for your baby’s things to keep them lasting as long as possible. Remember, don’t overstuff any storage bags so that your blankets will remain fluffy for years!

Finally, ensure not to neglect items such as keepsakes or swaddles – even these have a place in your collections and can bring back memories when displayed or used properly. Baby blankets are special items that should always be treated as such. Invest time into researching the best way to store them and keep their collection from becoming an eyesore.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a better idea of how to store baby blankets for them to last for years. Enjoy! Good luck!

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