How to Take Newborn Photos at Home

Capture the little and lovely moments of life by enjoying taking newborn photos. Newborn photography is very special in capturing those memories that will last forever. It gives you a chance to look back and remember such wonderful times, even when they are long gone.

How to Take Newborn Photos at Home

With modern technology, it has never been easier for parents to take newborn photos at home—and with just a few things, you can create beautiful images that will be cherished for years to come! This post covers everything beginners need to know about how to take newborn photos at home.

Taking beautiful photos of your new baby is both an amazing privilege and a great responsibility, as this special time flies away faster than you can ever imagine. As such, it’s important for parents to know how to take pictures of their little one that capture all the joy and loving moments they share in those early days.

Fortunately, with just a little bit of preparation and know-how, taking gorgeous newborn photos at home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating.

Why May You Want to Take Newborn Photos at Home?

1 . To Preserve Special Moment

Newborns grow up fast and taking pictures at home allows you to capture a special moment that will last forever. It can also create an invaluable record of how your baby looked when they were just born, as well as the first few days or weeks of their life.

2 . To Create Memories

Taking photos of your newborn not only creates memories of the present, it also allows you to look back and remember your little one’s beginnings. When they grow up, these photos can be a great conversation starter as well as something to cherish for many years.

3 . To Have Fun

Sharing your baby’s first moments with family and friends through pictures is an exciting experience. It can also be fun for everyone involved, as you get to capture the joy of welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world with each snapshot!

4 . To Reduce Cost

Traveling to a professional photo studio for newborn photos can be costly and time-consuming. However, taking pictures at home is more economical and often the results are just as beautiful.

Traveling to a Professional Photo Studio

5 . To Get Creative

When you take pictures of your newborn at home, you can get creative with the props and backdrops to make the photos truly unique and special. From DIY decorations to handmade items like blankets or toys, you can create one-of-a-kind images that will be cherished for years to come.

6 . To Capture Natural Moments

When you take pictures of your newborn at home, you can capture those beautiful natural moments that make every baby’s life so special. From sleeping on their tummy to looking into the camera with curious eyes, you won’t have to worry about posing or smiling – just let them be themselves and enjoy these priceless memories!

13 Ideas on How to Take Newborn Photos at Home

1 . Include Props in Your Photos

Props can be anything that ties into the theme of the photo and will bring a smile to the viewer’s face. This could mean adding little items like a teddy bear, pacifier, or bowl of fruit to represent new life.

2 . Make Sure There’s Good Lighting

When taking photos indoors, make sure they are not too dark or too bright. Natural light is best as it will give your photo a soft, natural look. If you’re relying on artificial lighting, opt for options like wall lights instead of flashbulbs to avoid any harsh shadows cast on the baby’s face.

3 . Capture Movement

Babies are always on the move so don’t forget to capture those natural moments of them stretching, yawning and looking around. This will make for a unique and special photo that you can look back fondly on when they’re older.

Don’t Forget to Capture Those Natural Moments

4 . Take Close-Ups

Close-up shots of baby’s hands, feet and face will look adorable and be a timeless reminder of how tiny they were when they were born.

5 . Get Creative with Backgrounds

The background can make or break your shot. If you’re taking photos outdoors, use the natural beauty as your backdrop to create stunning images. Indoors, you can get creative with blankets, fabrics or even back

6 . Utilize Composition

When it comes to taking photographs, composition is key. Make sure you leave enough negative space in the photo so that your focus is on the baby. This will ensure that everyone’s attention is drawn to exactly where you want it to be.

7 . Capture the Siblings

If your newborn has any siblings, include them in the photos too! If they’re a little older, you could even get them to hold a baby or give them a kiss on the cheek. These will be sure to bring out some tears (of joy, of course!).

8 . Capture Baby’s Unique Features

A newborn’s unique features are definitely worth capturing! Whether it be the little dimple on their chin or the birthmark on their arm, make sure to get close-ups of those special moments.

9 . Include Family

Including family in the photo session will make for beautiful and meaningful shots. This could be anything from siblings snuggling with baby to mom and dad looking lovingly at their new bundle of joy.

Including Family in the Photo Session

10 . Capture Baby’s Expressions

A baby’s expressions are so precious, and it is important to document them. Be sure to take close-up shots of the baby’s eyes, nose and mouth to get the most realistic expressions in your photos.

11 . Utilize Playful Poses

Posing your baby can be a bit tricky but there are some playful poses that will make for amazing photos. You can try having them lay down and curl their body, or put them on their tummy with one arm extended. Doing this will create beautiful lines in the photo to break up all the negative space.

12. Capture Baby’s Everyday Moments

Don’t forget to capture the everyday moments of your baby. Things like eating, sleeping and playing will be a sweet reminder of how quickly they grow up!

13 . Take Lots of Photos

The more photos you take, the better! This way, you can select only the best ones when it comes time to edit and print your final product. Remember, the key is to have fun and be creative. Your baby will only be this little once so take as many photos as you can! Good luck!

Tips for Choosing the Best Photos

Now that you’ve got your photos, it’s time to decide which ones will make the cut. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best shots:

1 . Select Photos That Evoke the Most Emotion

If you’re not sure which ones to pick, look for photos that capture special moments between family members or those that showcase a baby’s unique features.

2 . Use Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software is a great way to make your photos look their best. You can use this program to enhance colors, change the lighting and even add special effects! Just remember to be careful so you don’t end up with a photo that looks too over-processed.

Photo Editing Software is a Great Way

3 . Print Your Photos

Finally, don’t forget to print your photos! You can opt for digital prints or traditional prints that you can frame and hang up in your home. Whichever option you choose, these will become cherished memories of your newborn baby for years to come.

4 . Use Professional Printing Services

If you want the highest quality prints of your photos, consider using a professional printing service. These services are fast and reliable, so you can be sure your prints will come out looking beautiful!

5 . Share Your Photos Online

Don’t forget to share your newborn photos with friends and family! Posting them on social media is one of the quickest and easiest ways to share your photos with those who care. You can also create a digital photo album or even make a physical one for those who want to see the photos in person.

No matter what you decide to do, your newborn photos will be treasured forever! So take lots of them and make sure they are of good quality — you’ll thank yourself later. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Taking Newborn Photos at Home?

When taking newborn photos at home, make sure to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your baby. Use a pillow or blanket as a makeshift backdrop and place it on a safe surface. Make sure that the area is well-lit but not too bright.

You should also be careful when handling the baby during photo sessions to avoid accidentally dropping him or her. Additionally, be sure to keep the baby’s head and neck supported at all times for extra safety.

Use a Pillow or Blanket as a Makeshift

What Should I Wear When Taking Newborn Photos?

To ensure that your newborn photos look professional, you should dress in solid colors so as not to distract from the focus of the photo – your baby! Choose clothing items that will not take away too much focus from the baby, such as a neutral-colored shirt or dress. Avoid wearing bright colors or busy patterns that may draw attention away from your little one.

How Can I Make Sure That My Newborn Photos Turn Out Great?

One of the best ways to ensure that your newborn photos turn out great is to take photos with your baby in natural poses. Try taking pictures of them sleeping, cuddling, and playing as these will often look more natural than posed shots.

Additionally, you can have someone help by gently rocking the baby while you snap away! This can help capture candid moments that may be difficult to get when posing your little one. Finally, choosing a background that complements the baby’s skin tone can help make your newborn photos look even better.


Taking photos of your newborn is a wonderful way to document the sweet, innocent moments of their early days. With the right tools and techniques, you can take beautiful newborn photos at home no matter what your photography experience might be. That said, it’s important to note that capturing these images is a large responsibility and should only be attempted safely.

Now you know how to take newborn photos at home! Consider setting up a tripod for extra stability, or having an assistant help hold the camera when you get creative with your shots.

It’s also worth taking the time to edit and refine some of your photos if you want those extra-special results. With enough patience and practice, it’ll become second nature to capture amazing newborn photos right in the comfort of your own home!

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