How to Teach Baby to Drink From Straw

Drinking from a straw is something that all children are expected to learn growing up, yet some may struggle with this transition and need extra practice.

How to Teach Baby to Drink From Straw

Fortunately, there are ways of teaching your little one the skills they need without it becoming a frustrating experience for them—or you! In this blog post, we’ll explore how to make learning how to drink from a straw easier for your baby through fun activities that use items easily found around the house – like empty milk containers or cloth diapers – and offer tips on techniques and approaches you can try.

So grab a cup and prepare for an adventure into discovering new methods of helping your child how to teach baby to drink from straw!

What Will You Need?

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the following items:

  1. A cup with a lid and handle
  2. A straw – preferably one with an angled, bent tip
  3. Empty milk containers or cloth diapers
  4. Treats like Cheerios or other small snacks your

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary items, it’s time to get started!

9 Easy Steps on How to Teach Baby to Drink From Straw

Step 1. Use a Cup With a Lid and Handle

To get your baby used to drinking from straws, start by having him practice with a cup that has a lid and handle. This will help him better understand the concept of straw and how to use it. If the cup doesn’t have a lid, putting a piece of tape over the opening can be helpful to keep the liquid from spilling out.

Step 2. Place Treats Inside

Place Some Treats Inside the Cup

Next, place some treats inside the cup to encourage your baby to use his straw. He will quickly learn that using his straw can get him something yummy! Be careful not to overload the cup with too many treats, as this can make it difficult for him to get them all out.

Step 3. Introduce the Straw

Allow your baby to hold and explore the straw for a bit before introducing it into the cup. This step helps familiarize him with what he is expected to do. Additionally, you can demonstrate how to use the straw by drinking from it yourself.

Step 4. Model Drinks from Straw

Take a few sips from your own straw, or show your little one how you drink from a straw by filling an empty milk container with liquid and having him watch as you drink from it. This will illustrate the importance of having a straw and how to use it.

Step 5. Place Straw in Cup

Once your baby has gotten comfortable with holding the straw, place it inside the cup and show him how to use it to drink from his cup. If the straw has an angled, bent tip, you can help him learn how to suck up the liquid by pressing down on the angle of the bent tip.

Step 6. Make It Fun

Drinking From a Straw Can Turn Into a Game

For some babies, drinking from a straw can turn into a game. Fill an empty cloth diaper with liquid and let your little one practice pushing down on it with his straw and watching as the liquid pours out of the other end! Your baby will be delighted by this kind of activity and won’t even realize that he is also learning how to drink from a straw.

Step 7. Give Praise

Be sure to give lots of praise when you notice your baby making progress. Positive reinforcement helps babies learn faster and lets them know that they are doing something right!

Step 8. Offer Encouragement

Don’t get frustrated or yell if your baby is having trouble with a particular step. Instead, offer gentle encouragement and remind him of the progress he has already made to give him the confidence he needs to keep trying.

Step 9. Practice Patience

Learning how to drink from a straw can take some time for babies, so it’s important to be patient as your child successfully drinking from the straw. This will help reinforce positive behavior and make learning even more enjoyable for him.

Step 8. Increase Difficulty

As your baby progresses, you can increase the task’s difficulty by requiring him to drink from a regular cup with no lid or handle. This step will require him to use his own coordination and strength in order to drink from a straw properly.

Step 9. Make It Fun Again

Once your baby is comfortable with sipping from a straw, make drinking fun again by incorporating it into his daily routine. For example, every morning, have him sip on a glass of juice or milk from his favorite cup with a straw. This will help reinforce this new-found habit and give him something exciting to look forward to each day!

Learning how to drink from a straw is an important life skill for babies, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming! With these ten easy steps, you can teach your little one the basics quickly and help him become more independent along the way. So grab a cup and get ready for some fun – learning how to teach baby to drink from a straw is easier than you think!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

Baby Has Mastered Drinking From an Open Cup

1. As soon as your baby has mastered drinking from an open cup, you can introduce a straw. Start by offering the straw with the rounded end up and tilted towards their mouth.

2. If your baby has difficulty grasping how to use the straw, try demonstrating with a pretend to sip yourself.

3. Be sure to offer plenty of praise for every successful attempt!

4. This process may take some time, so don’t be discouraged if progress isn’t immediate – practice makes perfect!

5. Once they have become comfortable using a straw from their regular cup, offer them a special “straw cup” or sippy cup that they can practice with on their own to strengthen this skill further. This can also offer an extra incentive to ensure they practice and have fun simultaneously!

With a little patience and guidance, your little one will have no trouble learning to drink from a straw!

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Don’t be tempted to give your baby a straw with the rounded end down – this can make it hard for them to get any liquid out.

2. If using a sippy cup, don’t let your baby chew on the straw or bite down too hard, as this can cause leaks and spills.

3. Avoid giving your baby an overly long or wide straw – these can become difficult for them to control during sips.

4. Make sure not to allow your little one to take deep breaths while drinking, as this could lead to choking hazards if they suck in liquid instead of air.

5. Lastly, do not rush your baby through the process! Let them go at their own pace and take as many breaks as they need.

Learning how to drink from a straw can be a lot of fun for your baby! With these tips in mind, you can help your little one master this skill easily! Happy drinking!

5 Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Straws

1. After every use, rinse the straw and cup thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. This will prevent any bacteria or germs from accumulating in the straw over time.

2. To extend the life of your straws, try boiling them in hot water with baking soda once a week or so – this will help to remove any built-up residue.

Try Boiling Them in Hot Water

3. If you’re using a sippy cup with straws, make sure to check the seals regularly for any signs of leakage or damage and replace them if necessary.

4. When not in use, store your straws in an airtight container or bag so they don’t get dust or dirt on them.

5. Lastly, it’s important to remember that straws can be sharp when chewed on – always supervise your little one closely while they are drinking!

With these simple tips in mind, you can keep your baby’s straws clean and safe for as long as possible!


How to teach baby to drink from straw can be an intimidating task, but with patience and the right guidance, it’s definitely possible. Utilizing fun and engaging activities like singing or playing games effectively makes drinking from a straw enjoyable for the baby.

Remember always to practice proper hygiene and replace straws regularly. For those who might still be struggling or are unsure how to proceed, plenty of online resources and experts offer support and assistance in mastering this skill. So don’t be discouraged! Take advantage of all the resources out there to ensure your baby has what it takes to become a smooth sipper.

As any parent knows, teaching your child something new can take some time – so remember to allow yourself to take things slow and have some fun as you organize the process daily. And with little effort, your baby will soon become an expert straw drainer!

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