How to Transition From Swaddle to Merlin

Are you ready to transition your baby from the swaddle to the Merlin Sleepsuit? It can seem daunting, but with some preparation and forethought, it doesn’t have to be.

How to Transition From Swaddle to Merlin

When your little one reaches the age of ready to transition from swaddling, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. It’s important that you make the transition as safe and comfortable as possible for the baby. 

That is why so many parents turn to using a Merlin Sleep Suit as an interim solution between swaddling and transitioning them into sleeping with regular pajamas or other sleepwear options. But just how do you go about making this transition?

In this blog post, we will explore what a Merlin Sleep Suit is, the benefits of using one, and provide effective tips on how to transition from swaddle to merlin!

What is Merlin Sleep Suit?

Merlin Sleep Suit is a sleepwear solution designed to help babies transition from swaddling. It looks like a onesie with extra padding and leg cuffs for warmth, but it also allows babies’ arms to move freely and access their hands. The Merlin Sleep Suit keeps babies warm and snug while still allowing them to move their arms and hands for self-soothing.

What are the Benefits of Merlin Sleep Suit?

Merlin Sleep Suits offer a number of benefits to both parents and babies during the swaddle-to-sleepwear transition period. For example, the thick padding keeps babies warm and comfortable, while the leg cuffs help prevent them from kicking off the covers or getting tangled up in them.

In addition, the soft fabric and extra padding on the arms prevent babies from scratching themselves while they sleep. Finally, the Merlin Sleep Suit is designed to allow babies’ arms to move freely so that they can access their hands for self-soothing.

This is especially beneficial for babies who have trouble settling down at night time as it gives them something familiar to hold onto and helps reduce anxiety and frustration.

Merlin Sleep Suit

10 Easy Steps on How to Transition From Swaddle to Merlin

Step 1. Choose the Correct Size:

To ensure your baby is comfortable and safe during the transition, make sure to purchase a Merlin Sleep Suit that fits correctly. The size should be snug but not too tight. Ensure that the cuffs are not too long, as this can be a choking hazard.

Step 2. Start the Transition on a Weekend:

Starting the transition process on a weekend or other day when you have more time for your baby can be beneficial as it will allow them to get used to the new sleepwear without being rushed. Be careful not to start the transition during a stressful period in your baby’s life, such as teething or illness, as this can make the process more difficult.

Because babies sleep better in a familiar environment, it may help to transition them first to the place they are most used to sleeping, such as their crib or bassinet.

Step 3. Introduce the Merlin Sleep Suit:

It is important to familiarize your baby with the Merlin Sleep Suit before transitioning them. Let them feel how the fabric differs from their swaddle and how the padding feels. Allow them to have some time to move around in it, so they can get used to how it fits and how it will feel when sleeping in it.

Step 4. Gradually Increase Time Spent in Sleep Suit:

Once your baby has become familiar with the Merlin Sleep Suit, start by having them wear it for short periods while awake during the day. This will give them an opportunity to practice moving their arms and legs freely while still being comfortable and secure.

As your baby becomes more comfortable wearing the sleep suit, gradually increase how long you have them wear it until they are able to spend most of the day wearing it.

Starting the Transition From Swaddle to Merlin

Step 5. Transition to Sleep Suit During Nap Time:

Once your baby is comfortable wearing the Merlin Sleep Suit during the day, begin transitioning them to it at nap time as well. This can be done by starting with short naps and gradually increasing how long they sleep in the sleep suit until they are able to take longer naps while wearing it.

Remember to keep the sleepwear snug and monitor how comfortable your baby sleeps in it.

Step 6. Put Baby In Sleep Suit Before Bedtime:

It is important that your baby begins getting used to sleeping in their Merlin Sleep Suit before bedtime. Have them wear it an hour or two before bedtime so they can become familiar with how it feels and how comfortable it is for sleeping in. This will also give you more time to observe how your baby is sleeping in it and how often they wake up.

Step 7. Use a Pacifier:

A pacifier can help your baby transition from swaddling to Merlin Sleep Suit. Babies often rely on having something comforting to soothe them, and a pacifier can provide that sense of security while they get used to wearing their sleep suit each night.

Step 8. Resist the Urge To Re-swaddle:

Putting your baby back into their swaddle if they seem restless or uncomfortable while transitioning may be tempting, but this should be avoided as much as possible. This will only make it harder for them to adjust to the new sleepwear and delay the process even more.

Allowing them the opportunity to move their arms and legs freely will help them become accustomed to how it feels more quickly.

Transition to Sleep Suit During Nap Time

Step 9. Make Necessary Adjustments:

As your baby is transitioning from swaddle to Merlin Sleep Suit, pay close attention to how they sleep in it and make any necessary adjustments if needed. This could include adjusting how tight the snugness of the sleep suit is or how loose the cuffs are around their wrists and ankles.

Step 10. Give Yourself Patience:

Transitioning from swaddle to Merlin Sleep Suit can be difficult for you and your baby. It may take time before your baby becomes comfortable enough with sleeping in the Merlin Sleep Suit that they can do it all night without waking up. Remember to take your time, be patient, and allow yourself and your baby to adjust at their own pace.

With the right approach, you can make this transition a smooth one. By following these steps and providing your baby with the necessary time and comfort to adjust, you can help make Sleep Suit successful. Consistently and patiently ensure that your baby is sleeping in the best possible environment to promote healthy sleep habits.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Start transitioning as soon as you feel your baby is ready. It’s important to recognize when it’s time for the transition, so watch your baby’s cues and listen to how they sleep.
  2. Introduce the Sleepsuit one step at a time so as not to overwhelm your baby with too much change all at once. Start by using the Sleepsuit during naps and then slowly transition until your little one is comfortable sleeping without the swaddle.
  3. Gradually decrease your baby’s swaddled before switching over completely to the Sleepsuit. You can do this by loosening up how tight you wrap them or removing arm wraps from their swaddle blanket.
  4. Make sure the Sleepsuit fits correctly for optimal comfort and safety. You should be able to fit your finger between their neck and the suit’s collar.
  5. Lastly, don’t forget to give lots of love and reassurance during this transition period! Remember how hard it can be for a baby to adjust to change and how comforting it is when their parents are there to provide encouragement and support.

With these tips, you’re sure to make transitioning from swaddle to Merlin Sleep Suit a much smoother process. Good luck!

Make Necessary Adjustment for Merlin Sleep Suit

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t Immediately Transition From the Swaddle to the Merlin Sleep Suit. Start with your baby’s arms out of their swaddle and gradually swap blankets until they are entirely in the Merlin sleep suit.
  2. Don’t Move Too Quickly. Take several nights to make the transition, depending on how quickly your baby adjusts.
  3. Don’t Expect the Transition to Be Easy. It can take some time for your baby to adjust to being released from the swaddle, so it is important to be patient and consistent.
  4. Don’t Try and Wean Them Off Gradually. This can confuse babies, and a full switch is usually better in the long run.
  5. Don’t Forget How Important Safety is When Transitioning From Swaddle. Ensure that their sleep positioner, blanket, and bodysuit are all secure before going to bed each night.

Transitioning from the swaddle to Merlin’s sleep suit can help give your baby a more comfortable, restful sleep by providing greater freedom of movement while offering security and protection.


The transition from swaddling to the Merlin growth suit can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience for parents. Make sure to make the transition slowly, as both swaddles and Merlin suits come in several sizes and stages, allowing your baby to adjust naturally as they grow.

Research signifies that introducing new sleep-time routines can help make bedtime easier. Be sure to stay consistent throughout the transition and talk to your pediatrician if there are any ongoing sleeping issues or safety concerns during the transition period.

Most importantly, trust your intuition as a parent, as you know what best works for your little one. The end result is guaranteed to be a rewarding one! There’s nothing quite like watching your baby confidently navigate this sleep milestone while they continue to grow and develop with time.

Hopefully, the article on how to transition from swaddle to merlin was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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