How to Use Nanit

Are you about to welcome a new baby into your life? Then it’s important not to forget about the most valuable asset in your home – your little one’s safety and well-being!

While you may already have prepared for their arrival with car seats, cribs, and all sorts of other accessories, there is still one tool that could help make sure they sleep soundly and securely: the Nanit Baby Monitor system.

How to Use Nanit

This revolutionary technology provides comprehensive monitoring of both breathing movements and sleep patterns from infants as young as 0-6 months old, allowing parents to stay informed when they can’t be around.

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at what benefits Nanit offers for keeping babies safe while sleeping. Read on to find out more about how to use nanit!

What is Nanit?

Nanit is a baby monitoring system that uses an advanced HD camera to track sleep patterns and breathing movements. It also provides detailed insights into your baby’s sleep environment, such as temperature, humidity, noise levels, and light levels.

The Nanit App also lets parents stay in the loop with live-streaming video of their little one’s room. All of this data can be tracked over time, and parents can even set custom alerts for when there are detected changes in their baby’s sleep patterns.

The Benefits of Using Nanit

Nanit offers several benefits for parents and babies alike.

  • Firstly, the advanced HD camera means that you can keep an eye on your little one without having to be present in the room. This eliminates the need for a traditional baby monitor, which often requires constant attention from either parent or caregiver.
  • The detailed sleep environment data provided by Nanit also helps parents to ensure their baby is sleeping in the right environment. This can be especially beneficial for newborns that have specific needs regarding temperature, humidity, and light levels.
  • Finally, Nanit provides useful insights into your baby’s sleep patterns and breathing movements. With this data, you can see how often they wake up during the night, which helps you determine if they are getting enough rest.
Nanit Provides Useful Insights

Overall, Nanit offers parents a comprehensive monitoring system for keeping their baby safe and sound while sleeping.

With its advanced HD camera, detailed sleep environment data, and insights into breathing movements and sleep patterns, you can be sure that your little one is being taken care of even when you’re not in the room.

Required Items

In order to use Nanit, you will need the following items:

  • The Nanit Camera (sold separately)
  • The Nanit App (free download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store)
  • A Wi-Fi network with a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps

Setting Up Nanit

Nanit is easy to install and use. The first step is to attach the camera above your baby’s crib or mattress using either the included wall mount or stand.

Then, connect the Nanit app to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Next, place the included breathing movement sensor on your baby’s mattress and connect it to the Nanit system. Make sure that all cords are kept out of reach for safety purposes.

Attach the Camera Above Your Baby’s Crib

10 Ways How to Use Nanit

1. Custom Alert

Set up custom alerts for when there are detected changes in your baby’s sleep patterns or breathing movements. Setting this up is easy and can help you stay informed even when you’re away from home.

2. Live Streaming Video

Check-in on your little one anytime with the Nanit app’s live-streaming video feature. This allows you to check in without disturbing their sleep if needed. Streaming video also comes with a zoom feature to get an up-close look at your baby.

3. Night Vision

The Nanit camera comes equipped with night vision for monitoring the baby during the night. This can be especially beneficial if you’re worried your little one may not be sleeping soundly. Night vision allows you to keep an eye on your baby during those late-night feedings or diaper changes.

4. Temperature Control

Nanit provides data regarding the temperature in your baby’s room, which can help ensure they are sleeping in a safe and comfortable environment. App users can also set up automatic temperature alerts for when it gets too hot or cold.

5. Sleep Patterns and Stats

The Nanit app provides a detailed overview of your baby’s sleep patterns and stats, including how many times they wake up each night, as well as total sleep time. This data can be used to determine if your little one is getting the recommended amount of rest.

6. Sound Alerts

Nanit comes with sound alerts for when your baby cries or makes a noise. This can help parents investigate and intervene in the event of any disturbances during sleep times.

Nanit Comes With Sound Alerts

7. Sleep Environment Monitoring

Nanit also provides data regarding the humidity and light levels in your baby’s room, which can help ensure they are sleeping in the right environment for their age and stage of development.

8. Grow With Baby Mode

Grow-with-baby mode allows you to adjust the Nanit camera to your baby’s growth. This ensures that the camera is always capturing their sleep patterns in crystal clear HD, allowing you to keep an eye on them even as they grow bigger.

9. Time Lapse

The Nanit app also offers time-lapse videos of your baby’s sleep patterns, which can be used to identify trends or irregularities in their sleeping habits. Time-lapse videos are also a great way to document your baby’s growth over time.

10. Sharing With Caregivers

Using the Nanit app, parents can also share access to their accounts with caregivers or other family members, allowing them to monitor and check in on their little ones while they’re away.

By taking advantage of Nanit’s features, parents can be sure that their baby is always sleeping soundly and comfortably. Setting up the camera and app is simple, and once it’s done, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your little one is safe even when you’re not in the room.

From live streaming video to detailed sleep environment tracking, Nanit offers a comprehensive monitoring system that allows parents to keep an eye on their baby without having to be present in the room.

With these 10 ways, you can rest assured your little one will always have the best environment and care while sleeping.

8 Maintenance Tips 

Using Nanit to monitor your baby is a great way to ensure their comfort and safety. To help you get the most out of your Nanit experience, here are 8 tips for maintaining it:

  1. Clean the camera lens regularly with a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution. This helps keep dust and dirt from impacting the image quality. Cleaning should be done every few days or as needed.
  2. Change the batteries when necessary. The Nanit typically runs on two AA batteries that last up to six months; however, you may need to change them sooner if you notice a drop in battery life.
  3. Adjust the camera’s position from time to time. This helps keep images and sound clear so you can monitor your baby with clarity.
  4. Check the connection regularly to ensure a strong signal between the app and the camera. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device and that the router is no more than 15 feet away from the Nanit camera.
  5. Use the mobile app to test audio and image quality periodically. This will help you identify any potential issues with the camera and Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Make sure to update Nanit whenever a new version is released. This can help ensure that your device functions properly and keeps up with new features. Making sure you are running the latest version is also important for security purposes.
  7. If necessary, change your Wi-Fi network settings to prioritize Nanit’s connection over other devices or networks in your home. This will help ensure that the camera always has a strong connection and can provide clear images and sound.
  8. If you have any questions or issues with Nanit, contact customer service for assistance. Keep in mind that you can also check the website or blog for helpful troubleshooting tips.
 Nanit Typically Runs on Two AA Batteries

Following these tips can help ensure that your Nanit experience is a positive one, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby with peace of mind.


Nanit is changing the way that parents keep an eye on their lil ones. It’s turning out to be one of the biggest advances in parenting technology since disposable diapers! 

With its comprehensive view, streamable sound and video, and motion and temperature alerts, Nanit offers all the tools necessary for parents to ensure their toddlers are safe from any hazards or dangers while still resting in a peaceful environment.

But most importantly, the app also helps bring peace of mind to even the busiest parents who need reliable assurance that their little ones are good at all times.

We hope this guide has answered your questions about getting started with Nanit. Now it’s time to put all of your newfound knowledge on how to use nanit into action and start taking advantage of everything Nanit has to offer—from convenience to pure peace of mind!

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