How to Wash Ollie Swaddle

Are you a proud new parent or caregiver of Ollie Swaddle? Congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic choice for your little ones with an amazingly soft and comforting swaddle. 

No matter how much you may love the way they look, baby swaddles can be quite a chore to keep clean. That’s why it’s important to follow some simple steps so that your Ollie Swaddle looks as good when you take it out of the laundry as when you first purchased it.

How to Wash Ollie Swaddle

Whether your Ollie Swaddle is used for swaddling or simply an extra blanket for naps and playtime, this blog post will make sure all of your hard work pays off with great looking results each time! Read on to learn about how to wash Ollie swaddle so that its colors stay bright and its texture stays soft!

What Will You Need?

To properly wash your Ollie Swaddle, you will need some basic supplies. These include:

  1. A large bucket or sturdy bin for soaking the swaddle in a soapy solution
  2. A gentle detergent and softener that won’t cause irritation to delicate baby skin
  3. A washing machine with a mild cycle setting for rinsing and final wash
  4. A clean, soft towel to dry the swaddle once it comes out of the washing machine

10 Easy Steps on How to Wash Ollie Swaddle

Step 1. Use Warm Water:

Fill your bucket or bin with warm water and a gentle baby wash, such as a mild liquid detergent designed specifically for use on delicate fabrics. Be careful not to use anything that will irritate your baby’s skin or cause any allergic reactions. If you’re not sure how your detergent will interact with the Ollie Swaddle’s materials, test it out first on a small patch of fabric that’s not easily visible.

Fill Your Bucket or Bin With Warm Water

Step 2. Soak the Swaddle:

Place your Ollie Swaddle in the soapy water and let it soak for about 20 minutes, giving the detergent time to work on tough stains. You can gently squeeze it to help loosen dirt and grime, but be careful not to wring or twist the fabric too hard. Because Ollie Swaddles are made from soft, breathable materials, you want to keep their shape as intact as possible.

Step 3. Rinse the Swaddle:

Once your Ollie Swaddle has soaked for a while, gently rinse it in warm water until all of the detergents is removed. If you need to use a little bit of extra force to remove stubborn stains, be sure not to wring or twist your swaddle too much, as this can damage its delicate fabric. Try to use a gentle motion instead.

Step 4. Wash the Swaddle:

Use your washing machine’s gentle or delicate cycle, and wash your swaddle using a mild detergent. Add a small amount of fabric softener to keep the material nice and soft as it dries. You can get help from your washing machine’s manual if you’re unsure how to adjust these settings.

Step 5. Dry the Swaddle:

When the wash cycle is complete, remove your swaddle from the washer and gently press it with a clean, dry towel to soak up excess moisture. Then, either allow it to air-dry on a clothesline or tumble dry it in low heat for a short period of time to keep it soft and fluffy. Be sure not to over-dry your Ollie Swaddle, as this can cause shrinking or damage its material.

Step 6. Store the Swaddle:

For longer-term storage of your Ollie Swaddle, place it in a clean, dry bin or plastic bag to keep dust and dirt away. If you’re storing it for more than a few months, you may also want to consider placing a scented dryer sheet in with it to ward off any musty odors that may develop over time. Keep your Ollie Swaddle out of direct light and away from any staining or fabric-damaging conditions.

 Keep Dust and Dirt Away

Step 7. Take Your Time:

Remember that how you care for your Ollie Swaddle reflects how much you value it and how much you want to protect your baby. So take your time with each step, making sure to follow the instructions carefully and thoroughly. This will ensure that your swaddle looks as good after washing as it did the first day you brought it home! For best results, be sure to wash your Ollie Swaddle regularly, following these same steps each time.

Step 8. Talk to Other Parents:

If you’re not 100% sure how to wash your Ollie Swaddle, or if you have other questions about how to take care of it properly, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to other parents. Ask in online parenting groups or consult with a baby gear specialist who can help provide recommendations specific to the materials used in your Ollie Swaddle.

Step 9. Be Gentle:

No matter how carefully you treat your Ollie Swaddle, some wear and tear are inevitable over time. But that’s ok! Just remember always to be gentle and thoughtful when washing or handling it so that you can get the most use out of this important accessory for as long as possible.

Step 10. Enjoy Your Ollie Swaddle:

Ultimately, how you care for your Ollie Swaddle is about much more than just keeping it looking clean and fresh. It’s about how you want to enjoy your baby, how well you take care of them, and how committed you are to making sure they have everything they need to thrive. So take pride in caring for your Ollie Swaddle, knowing that it is truly one of the most important accessories in your baby’s life. Congratulations on becoming a parent – we know that you’re going to do great!

By Following these simple steps, you can easily learn how to wash your Ollie Swaddle and keep it looking and feeling great for many years to come. So take the time to care for your swaddling blanket with love and attention, knowing that it is a precious part of your baby’s life and yours as well. After all, how you treat your Ollie Swaddle says everything about how much you value both yourself and your child. So go ahead – give it the best care possible!

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5 Additional Tips and Tricks

Be Sure to Use Gentle Detergent
  1. When washing your Ollie swaddle, be sure to use gentle detergent and lukewarm water.
  2. Wash your Ollie swaddle in a delicate cycle with cool water to get the best results.
  3. If you have any tough stains or areas of buildup, try soaking your Ollie swaddle in a mixture of water and baby-safe stain remover for about 30 minutes before washing it.
  4. Be sure to remove all excess detergent from your Ollie swaddle once it has been washed, as this can cause irritation and discomfort for your little one.
  5. If you want to ensure that your Ollie swaddle stays clean and fresh, consider air-drying it or placing it in the dryer on low heat. This will help remove any excess detergent and keep your little one nice and comfy!

Washing your Ollie swaddle is a simple process that shouldn’t take too much time or effort. With these easy tips and tricks, you can rest assured knowing that your baby’s favorite swaddle is always clean and fresh so that they can enjoy sweet slumbers night after night. Happy washing!

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How Often Do You Wash an Ollie Swaddle?

There is no definitive answer to how often you should wash your Ollie swaddle, as this may vary depending on how frequently it is used and how messy your baby can be. In general, most parents recommend washing an Ollie swaddle at least once a week or so, though some may feel that they need to do more frequent washes if their baby tends to get particularly dirty or messy.

Ultimately, the frequency of your Ollie swaddle’s washing will depend on your individual needs and preferences, so be sure to listen to your instincts and follow any recommendations from your pediatrician as well. Whatever you decide, just remember always to handle the Ollie swaddle with care and love – after all, it is one of the most important accessories in your baby’s life!

Handle the Ollie Swaddle With Care


The Ollie Swaddle is a unique and easy way to swaddle your baby. It’s important to wash the Ollie Swaddle before use, and there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing so. Be sure to follow the instructions on the tag, and don’t forget to take good care of your swaddle! With proper care, your Ollie Swaddle will last for many uses.

There you have it! With these simple steps, you can ensure your Ollie swaddle is clean and fresh for every use. Just remember to machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and avoid using any bleach or fabric softeners. Also, be sure to air dry or tumble dry on low heat to protect the Pima cotton material.

We hope this article on how to wash Ollie swaddle was helpful and that you feel confident caring for your new Ollie swaddle!

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