How to Clean Toys After Poop in Tub

It’s important to clean toys after pooping in the tub because the fecal matter can contain harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, that can make you and your family sick. Not only is it a health hazard, but it can also be extremely unpleasant and difficult to remove without proper cleaning.

How to Clean Toys After Poop in Tub

No one wants to think about their child playing with poop, but accidents happen. If your child happens to play with their toys in the tub after they’ve had a bowel movement, don’t panic. Here’s how to clean the toys and keep your child safe.

First, remove the toys from the tub and flush the toilet to remove any remaining feces. Second, wash the toys in hot, soapy water. Third, disinfect the toys by soaking them in a bleach solution or boiling them for 5 minutes. 

Finally, rinse the toys thoroughly with clean water and allow them to air dry. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to clean toys after poop in tub.

Step by Step Processes for How to Clean Toys After Poop in Tub 

Step 1: Inspect  the Toys

Look closely at the toys to assess how much poop is on them. Look for any other contaminants and ensure no sharp edges or pieces can pose a safety hazard when cleaning. Take the toys and rinse them off in warm water. If possible, use a hose or bucket to make sure that all of the poop is removed.

Step 2: Use Disinfectant

Using a disinfectant cleaner, scrub the toys with a sponge or cloth. Make sure to cover every inch of the toy and pay special attention to any crevices and nooks, as this is where bacteria can easily hide. Be thorough in cleaning so that no germs remain on the toys.

Step 3: Rinse Again with Water  

Once you have finished scrubbing the toys with a disinfectant, it is important to rinse them off again with warm water so that any remaining residue from the cleaner is removed. This step will help to ensure that no chemicals are left on the toy’s surface.

After rinsing, dry the toys with a soft cloth. You can also use a hairdryer on a low setting to help to speed up the drying process. Again, ensure that all the nooks and crannies are thoroughly dried out, as this will help prevent bacteria and mold buildup.

Step 4: Sanitize With Vinegar Solution  

After drying, sanitize the toys with a vinegar solution. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket or spray bottle. Then, use a cloth to wipe down each toy with the solution, making sure to get all of the surfaces.

Sanitize the Toys With a Vinegar Solution

Create an alcohol solution by mixing together isopropyl alcohol and warm water in a bucket or spray bottle. Wipe down each toy with the solution, making sure to get every surface.

Step 5: Use Bleach Solution 

To further disinfect the toys, use a bleach solution. Mix together one teaspoon of bleach and two cups of warm water in a bucket or spray bottle. Wipe each toy with the solution, making sure to get all the surfaces. Allow the toys to air dry for a few minutes after the bleach solution has disinfected them.

Step 6: Store Toys Properly  

Once your toys have been properly cleaned and dried, it is important to store them properly. Make sure to store them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will help to ensure that the toys stay germ-free and safe for your child to play with.

By following these steps, you can easily clean and disinfect your children’s toys after they have been contaminated by poop. Cleaning and disinfecting your child’s toys are important to keep them healthy and safe.

Tips for How to Clean Toys After Poop in Tub

  1. Start by wearing rubber gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from germs and bacteria.
  2. Rinse the toy with running warm water, being sure to rinse off any visible matter before beginning the cleaning process.
  3. Make a mixture of equal parts bleach and water in a bucket or sink and submerge the toys in it for 10 minutes.
  4. Use a sponge or brush to scrub any remaining matter off of the toy, then rinse with running water again.
  5. Use a cloth soaked in the bleach solution to clean the stuffed animals and other soft toys that cannot be submerged.

How Long Should the Cleaning Process Take? 

The time it takes to clean the toys properly will depend on the size and type. Smaller hard plastic toys can take longer because they need to be scrubbed thoroughly, whereas larger toys may require only a quick rinse and wipe-down with a cloth.

Allow anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for your cleaning process, depending on the toy and the amount of cleaning needed.

When it comes to disinfecting the toys, a diluted bleach solution is usually recommended.

A Diluted Bleach Solution is Usually Recommended

To make this solution, mix two tablespoons of bleach with one gallon of water and apply a cloth or sponge to the toys.

Allow the toys to sit in this solution for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Make sure you rinse them until no trace of bleach remains and all the toys are completely dry before returning them to the tub.

It is also important to ensure that any surface areas where the poop was present are sanitized as well. This includes the walls, floor, and any surfaces around the toy. To do this, use a disinfectant cleaner or diluted bleach solution. Spray the surface with the solution and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before wiping it down with a cloth.

How Often Should You Clean the Toys to Prevent Further Messes in the Future? 

It is important to clean the toys after pooping in the tub regularly to help prevent further messes from occurring. How often you should clean them will depend on the type of toys and how often they are used.

For example, if your children play with rubber ducks in the bathtub, it may be a good idea to rinse them off after each bath. If you have plastic toys, it may be best to thoroughly clean them once or twice a week.

To help keep the tub and toys clean more easily in the future, create a designated area for all of your children’s bath toys.

This will help contain and contain any messes that occur and make cleaning up much easier. Additionally, it is recommended that you rinse off the toys after each bath to prevent soap buildup and mildew growth. After they have been rinsed, store them in a dry area to help keep them clean and fresh.

If poop has been spilled or there are stains on the toys, it will be important to take extra steps to ensure they are cleaned properly.

To do this, start by wiping down the toys with a damp cloth and mild soap. Once done, rinse them off and let them air dry completely before storing them away. Additionally, it is important to regularly check for any build-up or dirt on the toys and use a gentle cleaner if needed.

Is It Necessary to Call Any Professional to Clean Toys After Poop in Tub? 

If you’re dealing with a small, isolated incident, it may be possible to clean the toys yourself. However, if there is a lot of poop present in your tub or if it has spread over the entire area, then calling a professional cleaner might be necessary.

Calling a Professional Cleaner

The type of services that a professional cleaning company can offer is thorough and effective. They use hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and other methods to ensure that everything is hygienic and free from bacteria. They also have access to specialized equipment, such as disinfectants, which can remove the risk of infection or disease.

How Much Will It Cost if You Hire a Professional? 

The cost of hiring a professional to clean toys that have been contaminated with feces can vary depending on the complexity of the job and the number of toys that need cleaning. Generally, an hour-long job will cost around $50-$100.

However, some companies may charge extra for special cleaning materials or disinfectants that are necessary for the job. Be sure to ask the professional cleaning company for an estimate before scheduling their service.

When hiring a professional, it is important to confirm that they have experience with cleaning toys after being exposed to feces and that they are using safe and effective methods for the job. Ask about what products and techniques they will use, as well as if they have a guarantee that the toys will be safe for children to use after being cleaned.

It is also important to ensure that the cleaning staff follows proper safety protocols, such as wearing protective gear and disposing of any waste materials in an appropriate manner.

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 Wearing Protective Gear


In conclusion, cleaning toys after pooping in the tub doesn’t have to be difficult. Following the simple steps outlined above will help you quickly and easily remove even the toughest messes from your child’s bath toys.


Using natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap ensures that your child’s bath time is as safe and healthy as possible. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to clean toys after poop in tub. Make Sure the precautionary measures are followed chronologically.

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