How to Reset the Owlet Sock

Resetting the Owlet Sock can be a helpful tool in troubleshooting an issue you may be having with your Owlet Smart Sock 2 or Cam or if you’d like to add a new user to the Owlet App. Resetting your device clears all stored information and returns it to factory settings. It’s important to note that when you reset your device, any users connected to it will be removed from the Owlet App.

How to Reset the Owlet Sock

One advantage of resetting the Owlet Sock is that it makes the device more accurate in monitoring your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The sock can become less accurate after a few days or weeks due to various factors such as hair growth, battery drainage, etc. In this blog post, You will learn how to reset the owlet sock in detail.

Step by Step Processes for How to Reset the Owlet Sock

Step 1: Inspect the Owlet Sock

Before resetting the Owlet Sock, double-check that it is installed and functioning correctly. The Owlet sock should be connected to a base station, and its connections should be secure. Once you have verified that everything is working correctly, turn off your Owlet Sock by pressing the power button on the back of the device.

Check That It is Installed 
And Functioning Correctly

Step 2: Create a New Owlet Account and Pair with Owlet Sock

Once you have powered down your Owlet Sock, create a new account in the Owlet app. Then, follow the instructions to pair your device with your newly created account.

Step 3: Restart the Owlet Sock

After successfully pairing your device, press the power button on the Owlet Sock to restart it. Once your Owlet Sock has restarted, re-pair it with your newly created account in the app. Once your device is paired with your account, connect it to your network using the provided instructions.

Step 4: Update Firmware of Owlet Sock

Check for and download any updated firmware for your Owlet Sock to ensure your device is up-to-date. After successfully installing all firmware updates, you can reset your Owlet Sock. To do this, hold the power button for 5 seconds until it powers off again.

Step 5: Re-pair Your Owlet Sock with Your Account

Once your device has powered down completely, re-pair it to your account in the Owlet app. Once you have repaired your device, start monitoring it to ensure that everything is working correctly and that you have successfully reset your Owlet Sock.

If you’re still experiencing issues, contact Owlet support for further assistance. With these steps, you should now know to reset the Owlet Sock.

Re-pair It to Your 
Account in the Owlet App

Safety Tips for How to Reset the Owlet Sock

  1. Ensure to follow all safety instructions for the Owlet Sock before resetting it.
  2. Disconnect your Owlet Sock from power before resetting.
  3. Keep a watchful eye on your Owlet Sock while resetting, as wrong configurations can lead to inaccurate readings and may put the baby at risk.
  4. Always use the latest version of the Owlet mobile app when resetting your Owlet Sock.
  5. Select an appropriate configuration setting for your baby’s age and size when resetting.
  6. Monitor your baby closely during the initial setup period after resetting to ensure readings remain accurate.
  7. Contact customer service for assistance if you experience any problems while resetting your Owlet Sock.

By following these safety tips when resetting the Owlet Sock, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their baby is being monitored accurately and safely.

What is the Process to Reset Your Owlet Sock? 

The process to reset your Owlet Sock is relatively simple and easy. First, ensure the base station is unplugged from power or turned off. Next, press and hold the Reset button on the back of the sock for 3 seconds. When you hear a “beep” sound, release the Reset button and wait at least 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, you’re ready to repair the sock with your base station. First, plug in the base station and turn it on. Then press and hold the Connect button on the back of the sock for 3 seconds until you hear a “beep” sound.

Hold the Reset Button on the Back

This should initiate a connection between the base station and the sock. Lastly, if the connection is successful, you should see a green light on the back of the sock. Contact customer service for assistance and support if you have any issues resetting your Owlet Sock. They can help troubleshoot any difficulties or answer questions about resetting your Owlet Sock.

Is There a Way to Troubleshoot Any Issues You’re Having While Resetting Your Owlet Sock? 

Yes, You can use the following steps to troubleshoot any issues you may be having while resetting your Owlet sock:

  • First, disconnect the base station from the power and USB cable. Then reconnect it to the power/USB cable and wait for about a minute until you hear a loud beep, indicating that the base station has rebooted.
  • Then, remove the Owlet sock from your baby’s foot and place it back into the base station. If needed, press the reset button on the bottom of the Owlet sock for about 3-5 seconds until you hear a short beep sound from the base station.
  • Finally, wait another minute or two until the indicator light on the Owlet sock turns blue, indicating that it has reconnected to your base station.

If you have followed these steps and still need help resetting your Owlet sock, please contact customer support for further assistance.

What Common Problems Do People Have When Trying to Reset Their Owlet Sock? 

Many people encounter various problems when attempting to reset their Owlet Sock. Common issues include:

  • The app is not connecting to the base station or monitor. This is often caused by the base station being too far away, an internet connection issue, or a power outage.
  • An error is displayed on the screen when trying to connect the sock. A faulty sock, outdated firmware on the base station, or a connection issue between the app and the base station could cause this.
  • The Owlet Sock is not turning on after resetting. This is often due to an issue with the power supply or a defective battery in the sock itself.

Resetting your Owlet Sock can be difficult, but following the steps provided by the manufacturer should make it easier. The Owlet App provides helpful support and troubleshooting instructions if you have questions or need additional assistance.

How Long Does the Reset Process Typically Take? 

The Owlet Sock reset process typically takes 10 – 15 minutes. After pressing and holding the power button on the back of the sock for 5 seconds, a red light appears in an alternating pattern. After that, the sock will go through a series of noises. Once these sounds have stopped and only one solid red light remains, your Owlet Sock has been successfully reset.

The sock may need to be connected to a new base station after resetting it. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button on the back of the sock for 5 seconds until a white light appears in an alternating pattern. Then, open your Owlet app and connect your device following the in-app instructions. If you experience any issues while attempting to reset your Owlet Sock, please contact our customer service team for support.

Open Your Owlet App and
Connect Your Device

Are There Any Risks Associated With Resetting an Owlet Sock? 

Before resetting your Owlet Sock, there are a few important things to consider. Resetting your device may affect connection accuracy and performance. It could also cause the device to lose its personalized settings and profiles, requiring you to create new ones. If you decide to proceed with resetting the Owlet Sock, it is recommended that you back up all of your data beforehand.

In addition, resetting the Owlet Sock may cause it to lose connection with any other devices. You must re-establish those connections following the reset so your device can continue functioning properly. It is also wise to check the device’s warranty period before resetting. If the device is still within its warranty period, any potential damage caused by resetting may not be covered.

What Are the Benefits of Resetting Your Owlet Sock? 

Resetting your Owlet Sock can help you experience the best possible performance from your device. It can help ensure that it’s accurately tracking and monitoring your baby’s oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Resetting may also be necessary if the sock suddenly stops working or you are experiencing connectivity issues. Additionally, resetting the sock before giving it to another family member or donating it can help protect the personal information associated with the device.

Now that you know the benefits of resetting your Owlet Sock, let’s discuss how.  The process is fairly straightforward and should only take a few minutes. Let’s get started!  First, you must locate the reset button on the back side of your Owlet Base Station. Then press and hold the reset button until a solid red light appears. This confirms that the product has been reset successfully.


One of the disadvantages of resetting the Owlet Sock is that it deletes all previous data and settings. This includes saved information, such as user profiles or sleep patterns. After a reset, you must repair the Owlet Sock with compatible devices, such as the Base Station or app.

In conclusion, resetting the Owlet Sock is a straightforward task that can be completed in just a few steps. The main points to remember are: turn off the base station, disconnect your Owlet device from its power source, and press and hold the reset button for at least 8 seconds. After these three steps have been completed, your sock should successfully be reset. This article has been beneficial for learning how to reset the owlet sock. Make Sure the preventive measures are followed chronologically. 

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