How to Sterilize Mam Pacifiers in Microwave

For any new parent, keeping their baby’s items clean is of utmost importance. Whether it’s their bottles, toys, or pacifiers, you want to ensure all of the items that find their way into your little one’s mouth are free from germs.

How to Sterilize Mam Pacifiers in Microwave

However, with how busy life can get as a new mom or dad, finding the time and effort to properly clean everything can feel like a challenge.

That’s where sterilizing pacifiers in the microwave comes in—it’s a simple, quick, and effective way to kill germs on your baby’s favorite soothing item. In this post, we will share what you need to know to about how to sterilize mam pacifiers in microwave.

From the proper technique to the expected results, you’ll walk away feeling confident that this method removes 99.9% of germs with minimal hassle on your part.

Why May You Want to Sterilize Mam Pacifiers in Microwave?

1 . To Keep Your Baby Safe

Babies are delicate beings and their immune systems are still developing. This means that they are more prone to getting sick from bacteria and germs found on items such as pacifiers. By sterilizing Mam pacifiers in the microwave, you can ensure that your baby is not exposed to harmful bacteria or germs.

2 . To Save Time

As a parent, you are constantly juggling multiple tasks and looking for ways to save time. Sterilizing Mam pacifiers in the microwave is a quick and efficient method of ensuring that your baby’s pacifiers are safe to use.

It takes only a few minutes, compared to boiling on the stovetop which can take up to 15 minutes. This means that you can spend more time with your baby instead of waiting for the pacifiers to boil.

3 . To Save Money

Buying new pacifiers every time they need to be sterilized can add up in cost. By using the microwave method, you can save money by reusing your baby’s Mam pacifiers instead of constantly purchasing new ones. This is especially beneficial if your baby has a favorite pacifier that they refuse to use any other brand.

4 . To Avoid Chemicals

Some parents may be hesitant to use chemical-based sterilizing agents on their baby’s pacifiers. By using the microwave method, you can avoid exposing your baby to potentially harmful chemicals and stick to a more natural cleaning method.

5 . To Maintain the Integrity of the Pacifier

Boiling pacifiers on the stovetop or using chemical sterilizers can cause wear and tear on the pacifier, making it less effective over time. Microwaving is a gentler method that will not damage the pacifier and allow it to last longer.

Boiling Pacifiers on the Stovetop

How to Sterilize Mam Pacifiers in Microwave in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Clean the Pacifier

Firstly, rinse the pacifiers with hot water to get rid of any dirt or debris. Then use a clean cloth or sponge along with mild soap to gently scrub the pacifiers. Also, make sure to clean the handle and ring of the pacifier thoroughly.

Step 2: Prep Your Microwave-Safe Container

Select a container that is suitable for your microwave. Make sure the container is large enough to hold the pacifiers without them touching each other. Fill this container with water until it covers all of the pacifiers.

Step 3: Place the Pacifiers in the Container

Make sure to place the pacifiers face down in the water. Also, make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped inside the nipple or shield of the pacifier. Also, make sure to space out the pacifiers so they do not touch each other.

Step 4: Microwave for 3 Minutes

Place the container with the pacifiers in the microwave. Set the timer for 3 minutes and let it run. This will help to kill any germs or bacteria on the pacifiers. Also, make sure to use microwave-safe gloves when removing the container from the microwave.

Step 5: Let it Cool Down Before Use

After microwaving, let the pacifiers cool down for a few minutes before taking them out of the container. The pacifiers may still be hot and can cause burns if not handled with care. Once cooled down, take out the pacifiers and let them dry completely before use.

Additional Tips

1 .  Clean Pacifiers Regularly

Cleaning pacifiers regularly can help keep them clean and free from bacteria. Make sure to wash the pacifier every time it is dropped on the floor, before giving it to your baby, or at least once a day. Also, make sure to wash your hands before handling the pacifier and avoid sharing it with others.

Boiling Pacifiers on the Stovetop

2 . Store Pacifiers Properly

When not in use, store pacifiers in a clean, dry container. Avoid placing them on dirty surfaces or leaving them exposed to air for long periods of time. This can prevent the buildup of bacteria and maintain the cleanliness of the pacifier.

3 . Replace Pacifiers Regularly

Pacifiers should be replaced every 2-4 weeks or if there are any signs of wear and tear. This will ensure that the pacifier remains safe and hygienic for your baby to use.

4 . Use a Dedicated Microwave Sterilizer

While it is possible to sterilize Mam pacifiers in the microwave, it is recommended to use a dedicated microwave sterilizer. This will ensure that the pacifier is thoroughly cleaned and free from bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should You Take Before Sterilizing Mam Pacifiers in Microwave?

Before sterilizing your MAM pacifiers in the microwave, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure safety and effectiveness:

  • Check the age and condition of the pacifier: It is not recommended to microwave pacifiers that are more than 3 months old or show signs of wear and tear. If your pacifier falls into either of these categories, consider replacing it.
  • Make sure the pacifier is microwave-safe: MAM pacifiers are specifically designed to be sterilized in the microwave. However, if you are using a different brand or type of pacifier, make sure to check its packaging or manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it can be safely sterilized in the microwave.
  • Clean the pacifier thoroughly: Before sterilizing, make sure to clean the pacifier with soap and water. This will help remove any dirt or bacteria that could interfere with the sterilization process.
  • Use a designated microwave sterilizer: While you can use any microwave-safe container to sterilize your pacifiers, it is recommended to use a designated microwave sterilizer to ensure proper sterilization and avoid any damage to your microwave.
Microwave-safe Container to Sterilize Your Pacifiers

How Long Should You Microwave Mam Pacifiers For?

The recommended sterilization time for MAM pacifiers in the microwave is 3 minutes at a minimum of 500 watts. However, this may vary depending on the wattage of your microwave and the number of pacifiers being sterilized. It is always best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidelines.

Can You Reuse the Same Water for Multiple Sterilization Cycles?

No, it is not recommended to reuse the same water multiple times when sterilizing pacifiers in the microwave. This is because, after one cycle, the water may become contaminated with bacteria from previous uses and will not effectively sterilize your pacifiers.

How Often Should You Sterilize Mam Pacifiers?

It is recommended to sterilize pacifiers before first use and then once a day for the duration of their use. However, if your baby has been sick or the pacifier falls onto a dirty surface, it is best to sterilize it again before use.

Can You Sterilize Other Items Along With Mam Pacifiers?

Yes, you can sterilize other items such as bottle nipples or teething toys along with your MAM pacifiers in the microwave. Just make sure they are also microwave-safe and follow the same precautions and guidelines for sterilization.

Is Sterilizing Mam Pacifiers in Microwave Safe for My Baby?

Yes, sterilizing MAM pacifiers in the microwave is safe for your baby as long as proper precautions are taken. The high heat from the steam will effectively kill bacteria and germs that may be present on the pacifier, making it safe for your little one to use.

Germs That May Be Present on the Pacifier


In conclusion, sterilising your baby’s mam pacifiers in a microwave is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure that they are kept clean. With so many other methods available, like boiling or dishwashers, microwaving is certainly the most efficient project that can be done in a few minutes and with basic kitchen equipment.

Not only does this method guarantee that your child’s pacifier stays as clean as possible, but it also saves time – allowing parents to carry on with their daily tasks uninterrupted.

If you’re still unsure about how to sterilize mam pacifiers in microwave correctly, consulting an expert may provide further guidance. Looking after your baby’s health and hygiene should always be your top priority, so take our advice and make sure that their pacifier gets the attention it deserves!

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