How to Sit Newborn in Boppy

Having a newborn baby is an exciting time in any family, but it can also be quite intimidating as you adjust to life with your little one. One challenge that many parents face is trying to figure out how to sit their baby comfortably in the Boppy, which offers several options for safe seating and support for young infants.

How to Sit Newborn in Boppy

If you’re a new parent, sitting your newborn safely in the Boppy may seem overwhelming – but don’t worry! This handy piece of baby gear has been designed to make this important task easier and more comfortable for both you and your little one.

Whether holding your newborn or transitioning it from breast or bottle feeding, this article will provide tips on how to sit newborn in boppy. Let’s get started!

What are the Benefits of Using a Boppy?

The Boppy is a multi-purpose piece of baby furniture that can offer various benefits for newborns and their parents. It provides optimal positioning for breast and bottle feeding, helping to ensure that your baby stays comfortable and relaxed during feedings. It also helps to encourage proper latching and swallowing, which are essential for healthy digestion.

In addition, the Boppy offers a safe and supportive environment for your baby to sit upright in, which can help with their development and muscle strength. It is also a great way to keep your newborn entertained- many babies love being able to look around and explore their surroundings from the comfort of the Boppy!

Overall, the Boppy is an excellent tool for helping you care for your newborn, and it can make life a lot easier for both of you.

Helping You Care for Your Newborn

What Will You Need?

Before starting to sit your newborn in the Boppy, gathering a few items will make the process easier. These include:

  1. A Boppy pillow
  2. A blanket or towel
  3. A washcloth
  4. For breastfed infants, a nursing pillow (optional)

Now you’re ready to get started!

10 Easy Steps on How to Sit Newborn in Boppy

1. Use a Flat Surface:

Start by finding a flat surface, such as the floor or a bed. It will be easier to sit your newborn in the Boppy if it’s placed on a flat surface. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the surface is clean and free of any sharp objects or edges.

2. Place the Boppy Pillow:

Place the Boppy pillow on a flat surface, ensuring that it is centered and secure. Make sure it’s not too close to any items that may pose a hazard for your baby. You can also add a blanket or towel to the surface for added comfort and support for your baby.

Ensuring That It is Centered and Secure

3. Secure the Pillow:

Secure the pillow in place by using the straps provided. This will prevent it from shifting and ensure that your newborn is safe while in the Boppy. If you feel that it is too loose, you can use additional blankets or towels to secure the pillow further.

4. Place Your Baby in the Centre:

Gently place your baby in the center of the Boppy pillow, ensuring they are lying on their back with their head resting on one side of the pillow and legs on the other. Make sure to keep them snugly wrapped up in a blanket or towel so that they feel comfortable and secure. Don’t forget the washcloth- it can help keep their head in place if needed.

5. Adjust Position as Necessary:

If necessary, you can adjust how much support your baby needs by adjusting how far apart their arms and legs are spread out across the Boppy’s surface area. Additionally, you can use a nursing pillow for extra support if you are breastfeeding. It will help ensure that your baby is positioned correctly and comfortably for feedings.

Adjust How Much Support Your Baby Needs

6. Check That Everything Is Secure:

Once you’ve adjusted your newborn’s position, check that everything is secure and in place before proceeding. Ensure the blanket or towel they are wrapped up in is snugly tucked around them and that their head is supported by the washcloth if necessary. Otherwise, their head may become unsupported, and they could slip out of the Boppy.

7. Use Caution When Moving Your Baby:

When lifting or moving your baby in the Boppy, make sure to keep one hand on them at all times to provide additional support and stability. This will help prevent any accidental movements that may cause discomfort for your little one. If they do become uncomfortable or start to fuss, remove them from the Boppy and try again later.

8. Ensure Proper Latching:

If breastfeeding, it is important to ensure that your baby has a good latch before starting the feeding. This will help ensure that they are comfortable and able to feed effectively. If needed, you can adjust how far apart their arms and legs are spread out and how much support they need from the Boppy pillow.

9. Monitor Your Baby’s Comfort:

It is important to monitor your baby closely while in the Boppy pillow to make sure they stay comfortable throughout the feeding. Check for any signs of distress, such as fussiness or restlessness, and remove them from the Boppy if necessary. Additionally, pay attention to how long your baby is able to stay in the Boppy- some babies may only be able to stay in the Boppy for a few minutes at a time, while others may be able to stay in it for longer.

10. Clean Up When Done:

Once your baby is done with the Boppy, make sure to clean up any mess that may have been made during the feeding. This will help ensure that your Boppy stays hygienic and safe for future use. Additionally, check that all straps are secure before folding up and storing the pillow away until next time.

With these 10 easy steps, you’re ready to sit your newborn safely and comfortably in their Boppy pillow! Don’t forget- always pay attention to how long they can stay in the Boppy and how comfortable they are throughout the feeding. This will help ensure that your little one is safe and happy during their time in the Boppy.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure the newborn has adequate support when sitting in the Boppy. The back should be snug against the pillow, with their legs bent in front of them or on either side for extra comfort and stability.
  2. Ensure that your newborn’s head is properly supported. You can use additional pillows to increase how much of the baby’s head is supported by the Boppy, preventing any strain on their neck muscles.
  3. Always check how secure your baby is in the Boppy before moving away from them – make sure all straps are adjusted correctly and securely fastened so that they don’t slip out or become uncomfortable as you move around them.
  4. If using a Boppy with a built-in toy, you can use this to keep your baby entertained and engaged. This will encourage the baby to stay seated and practice moving their arms and legs.
  5. Make sure to watch how long your newborn is in the Boppy – babies under two months old should only be seated in a Boppy for around 15 minutes at a time, as too much sitting can cause strain on their developing muscles and joints.

These simple tips and tricks will help ensure your newborn is safe and comfortable when sitting in the Boppy! With proper support, they’ll soon learn how to remain seated for longer periods of time.

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Avoid placing your newborn in the Boppy before they can support their head on their own. It is important to wait until at least three months of age for this type of seat
  2. Avoid using the Boppy on a surface that is too high as it may cause discomfort or even injury if your baby falls off, so make sure you use the Boppy on a flat, stable surface
  3. Avoid pushing your baby’s legs through the openings in the sides of the Boppy, as this could be uncomfortable and potentially unsafe
  4. Avoid leaving your baby unattended while in the Boppy – always stay with them when they are in it
  5. Avoid putting anything else in the Boppy with your baby – no toys, blankets, or other items, as this could cause a safety hazard.

Following these five simple tips will help you and your baby safely use the Boppy to sit up your newborn and have them comfortably supported while in it. The Boppy supports you and your little one and can be a great way to bond during those early days of life. So ensure you follow the instructions carefully, stay with your baby while they are in it, and enjoy!

Avoid Pushing Your Baby's Legs


It is always a good idea to ask your baby’s pediatrician before using the boppy lounge. The best way to use the Boppy newborn lounger is by placing it on its firmest setting with the highest head support position for your infant.

When you are not nursing or bottle-feeding your baby in the newborn lounger, be sure to place them in their own separate sleeping area, such as a bassinet or crib, to prevent any potential hazards.

Now that you know how to sit newborn in boppy, you can enjoy this wonderful product! Be sure to follow the instructions above. With a little practice, you and your baby will sit comfortably together in no time.

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